Mutton Cutlet makes competition look like sheep in A8 race at Hall Green

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Mutton Cutlet makes competition look like sheep in A8 race at Hall Green
The 480m greyhound racing action at Hall Green Greyhound Stadium in Birmingham proved to be a major attraction this morning, with a 12-race card.
The racing began with an A8 race at 11:03. Cape Scar was selected by the odds makers as the 7-4 favourite to win this race, but it was not meant to be. He finished the race in third, while Mutton Cutlet (4-1), cut through the pack to emerge victorious from trap five. He moved quickly away, and always led to secure the win in 29.49 seconds.
Fudge Vanilla (7-1) took second place in 29.83 to finish 4¼ lengths out of first place. Behind him by 1¾ lengths was pre-race favourite Cape Scar, who slowly moved away from the rest of the pack, and crowded three quarters to claim third place in 29.93.
In fourth place was Catunda Alma (4-1), who despite holding an early pace, also crowded three quarters and finished the race in 29.99, which was ¾ lengths behind Cape Scar.
The fifth-place finisher was Shanakyle Rocket (6-1), who ran out of fuel at the three quarters mark. However, he tied the fourth-place time of 29.99 to finish a shoulder out of fourth place. Beltra Tina (5-2) took the final spot in 30.00, which placed her a shoulder behind fifth place.
Lady Alpha (7-2) was the champion of the A6 race at 11:19. Coming out of trap two, she held an early pace and led the run in to finish first with a time of 29.41. Hot on her heels was 7-4 favourite Catunda Yeats, whose finish of 29.45 was only a ½ length behind the winner. Catunda Yeats challenged the run in, but was denied a win after interfering with Lady Alpha.
Third place went to His Boy (3-1), who finished 2 lengths out of second place in 29.61. He held an early pace, and soon led the run in, but was impeded. Azzurri Miley (6-1) claimed fourth place in 29.67 to finish ¾ lengths behind His Boy.
Rounding out the pack were White Fury (6-1, fifth place), and Ballinclare Lee (5-2, sixth place). White Fury finished the race in 29.99, which was 4 lengths behind the fourth-place finisher. Completing the race in 30.21 placed Ballinclare Lee 2¾ lengths behind White Fury.
Hall Green Greyhound Stadium plays host to more greyhound racing action on Friday 10 September. The first race of the night is scheduled to begin at 19:30 local time.



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