Motorcycle pipes and chrome clean up?

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What is a good product to get stuff off that is stuck on my motorcycle pipes? I need to clean the bike.




  1. Fine Steel Wool works well too.

  2. easy off oven cleaner dose work great and one of those green pads like whats on the back of a sponge you would do dishes with then i use mothers chrome polish and them babies shine like new  

  3. Mmmm, not sure that I'd use a razor blade as it is possible to mark the chrome. A good polish, patience and some elbow grease tend to do the job. Consider going to marine chandlery if there's one handy. Boaties are fastidious about maintaining chrome & stainless finishes and some of the best polishes can be found in boating stores.  

  4. I have the same issues, thank you for asking. I will try some of the suggestions you get

  5. Easy Off oven cleaner. Works great.

  6. You need to heat up the pipes and carefully remove the large stuck on stuff with a razor.  Once they have cooled use a buffer and apply Harley Chrome Bright.  They will be good as new!

  7. Not sure where you are but if in the UK go to a motor accessories shop and buy a tube of Sol-Vol-Auto-Sol it's a cream polish which you use with typically 'mutton cloth' or a soft fabric, make a 'finger point with the cloth, apply a small amount of Sol Vol, and rub the marks / stains gently rather than firmly and this stuff will move any thing off chrome / polished items.Shifts tar spots, dead things, (not people!) flies bugs any thing that's stuck on your paint work or chrome. make sure you get all of the polish off, particularly off chrome exhausts and it should then shine like your nose on a cold day out on your bike.

    used this stuff for 40 years and it works.

  8. I detail cars for a living and I have to clean chrome on a daily basis! I have used every product on the market and the one that I have found to be the best is Ultraluster! It is a waterless car wash product but after using it on the chrome glass and mirrors not only on the cars but also in my home I have found it is the most user friendly!  They have a Metal Cleaner and Polish that works Wonders! It is very inexpensive and will keep your chrome free of dust and fingerprints. I use it with a Terry Cloth and then buff with a  microfiber towel. Try it out! Tell them Detailjay sent you and receive 25% off!  

  9. I don't know what stuff is stuck on,but you can gently wash them with a sos pad,then use a product called semi-chrome.

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