Motorcycle chrome wheel leaks?

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Was on a Harley, here's the story

Bought a new chrome wheel, had a new tire mounted on it. It loses about a pound of air day.

I've had 2 Harley dealers take the wheel of the bike and dunk it in a tank - no bubbles.

The second one also took the tire off and replaced the tire valve remounted the tire - still leaks.

Take it back to the second dealer, he takes the wheel and tire off, puts a used wheel on with a new tire, takes the old wheel and tire apart, mount a new tire on my chrome wheel and mounts my tire on a different wheel. The wheel with the new tire is losing air and the tire with the different wheel is holding air. So it must be the wheel rather than the tire that is leaking.

I have the wheel here right now, have looked over it with a couple of magnifying glasses and I can't find any cracks.

Are there permanent sealers for the wheel?

Any ideas on how to solve this?




  1. What you have is a porous wheel (the metal has tiny holes in it).  It very seldom happens but it does happen.

    Take the wheel back (or send it back) and have it replaced it still should be under warranty.

  2. Run a tube in it then

  3. throw it away, buy a new one...

  4. take it back to where you bought it from and get it replaced.

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