Military weddings...........?

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if your in the millitary and you get you have to wear your uniform or can you waer more 'traditional' wedding gear?...




  1. You can wear whatever you want, but usually, if you are doing a military wedding, if the groom is military, he probably will wear his dress uniform.  If he is civilian and not former military with an honorable discharge, he cannot wear the uniform, as he has no right to.  The bride usually wears traditional bridal wear, even if *she* is the servicemember and not the groom or even if they are both in the service.

  2. You can wear whatever you want.  If you're married in the base chapel then you'll likely wear your dress uniform.  If you're married anywhere else, wear what you want.

  3. I'm a navy wife. You can wear whatever you want.  

  4. You can wear what you want.

  5. My husband wore a tux.  Since none of our groomsmen were military we thought it would be silly for my husband to be the only one in full dress blues.

    I have no regrets about him wearing a tux.  We have plenty of chances every year to have him wear his blues.  With Officer's balls and other parties, I get to see him in his Blues quite enough.

    Do what you feel most comfortable with.

  6. you don't have to wear your uniform, that's up to you. When my cousin got married, he was in the army, but he didn't wear the uniform. He only wore it at my grandfather's funeral

  7. Sweetheart this is your day you do whatever you want to do, but don't be surprised if some of your buddies from the force show up in their uniforms!

  8. You dont have to. . .

  9. you can wear traditional wedding gear also. you have to get permission usually to wear uniform now,

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