As a groomsmen in a wedding, do I still buy a gift? ?

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As a groomsmen in a wedding, do I still buy a gift? ?




  1. Yes you should give a gift, even though you are a part of the bridal party you are also a guest and I bet a close friend or family member, which means you would even be more vested in this wedding. If it's the expense you're worried about just give them something small. If they know you well then they also know your situation and most certainly will understand the small gift.

  2. yes a gift or a card with money

  3. yes, but they will usually do something in return for you being in the wedding-gift-dinner-etc.

  4. husband's been in several weddings.  In addition to paying for the tux rental, part of the stag, and (sometimes) travel, he has also given a gift.

  5. Yes you do.  Part of accepting the role of being a groomsmen is renting the tux, helping the best man plan the bachelor party and getting a room for the night if the wedding is out of town or you need a place to stay for the night.  It's expensive being in weddings.  

  6. yup u still buy a gift but u will usually get a gift off the couple for ur help


  7. Most definitely but you'll receive a gift from the couple too, to show their gratitude of your participation on their wedding. For groomsman gifts check this out


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