Michael Clarke regards Lord’s Test as a refresher for Test Cricket – Cricket News Update

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Michael Clarke regards Lord’s Test as a refresher for Test Cricket – Cricket News Update and England, at Lord’s, as a hallmark event for the fading face of
the longest format of the game. He has also tabled some suggestions to bring the format in the mainstream of cricket once again.
As India and England are padded up to play the 1st Test of the 4-match series and the 100th 5-day match between themselves, today at the Home of Cricket, the world cricket fans are geared up to celebrate the historic event.
Clarke, who is the skipper of the team which is regarded as the archrival of, has also come up to commemorate this auspicious moment of the cricket history by saying, “It requires all the skills of the other two forms of the game, but over five days.
The physical and mental intensity of a five-day Test makes Test cricket far and away the pinnacle of the game. It is fitting that two powerhouses of cricket are playing at Lord's for the 2000th Test.”
Like many analysts, also thinks that today’s match will refresh the taste of Test cricket. However, he argued that there is a need to introduce some changes at the management level in order to preserve the most significant version of the game.
Talking to the media today, he said, “The future of Test cricket relies on the investment in continuing to make it the pinnacle of the sport. I think there needs to be more innovation and entertainment at breaks in the game at Test venues. It is the toughest
form of the game.”
There has been much debate over the future of Test cricket in international media and sports forums since last couple of years, as the rapidly rising popularity of T20 format has posed a potential threat to the longer forms of the game.
Clarke’s recommendations may hold great value for those who are seriously thinking to keep the nursery of cricket intact.



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