Michael Clarke wants time for revival of Aussies’ Test status – Cricket News Update

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Michael Clarke, the newly appointed Australian captain, is not overambitious about changing the might of cricket over-nightly, as he thinks that the team needs a lot of time to regain their lost positing in the international Test rankings, however,
he is hopeful of successful turnaround. has his first mega task as a skipper ahead of him, as the Aussies are set to play a bilateral series of 3 Tests, 5ODIs and 2 T20Is against Sri Lanka, at the latter’s backyard.
The Australian cricket managers and fans have pinned high hopes with this series, which is starting from August 6, and the new leader is being expected to take the team back to their old status.
The Kangaroos have not accomplished any significant victory in Test cricket since the last couple of days. Their defeats in the two Ashes series consecutively have pulled them down on the ladder of Test rankings.
The team, which maintained the No 1 position for almost 15 years, is now placed at number five on the rankings table. Team
Many in Australian cricketing circles anticipate that the Kangaroos’ victory in Sri Lanka can perk them up easily, but Clarke thinks on realistic grounds, and says that they need to work hard and struggle steady in order to regain what they have lost with
minor mistakes.
Talking to the media today, the successor of said, “I really hope we can turn things around straight away (but) I think it is going to take time for us to work our way back up the rankings. We need to get better. I can guarantee you we are
working as hard as I've ever worked in my career and hopefully we can turn that around sooner rather than later.”
He further told, “But the facts are we have to have some success, we have to play good cricket and we have to improve from our recent results."
Team Australia will reach Sri Lanka today and the opening match of the series is scheduled to be played on August 6 at Pallekele. It will be one of the two T20Is.



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