Miami Heat sign Dexter Pittman as Ronny Turiaf opts out of contract – NBA News

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Miami Heat sign Dexter Pittman as Ronny Turiaf opts out of contract – NBA News
Ronny Turiaf has opted out of his contract with the Miami Heat that would have paid him the veteran’s minimum $1.2 million next season. He did so on Saturday night, hours before free agency began and officially put himself on the market as an unrestricted free agent.
Turiaf’s agent, Mark Bartelstein, said that Turiaf always intended on testing the free agency market to see if he could manage to land a more lucrative offer.
“He’s worth more than the minimum,” said Bartelstein.
The agent also added that the Miami Heat were still interested in Turiaf and he has plans of speaking with Miami Team President Pat Riley. But it is unlikely that the Heat will offer him anything more than the veteran’s minimum.
On the other hand, the Miami Heat signed Dexter Pittman on for next season by guaranteeing his contract worth $854,369.
 “We expect improvement. Big guys, when you draft them late or in the second round, it’s a two- or three-year project. He’s going into his third year. We are going to give him a great shot and we expect this year he might be able to really contribute to us,” said Riley of Pittman.
Miami now has 1 less reserve centre as compared to last year’s roster which won the NBA title. They Heat have drafted LSU centre Justin Hamilton with their 45th overall pick in this year’s NBA draft held on June 28th.
Riley traded the Heat’s 27th pick to the Philadelphia 76ers for a future number 1 pick plus the 45th pick this year because none of the players he wanted were around by the time the 27th pick came.
The Miami Heat will now concentrate on free agency where they are hoping of landing a good quality shooter, preferably Ray Allen. They have the $3.1 million mini mid level exception to offer to any prospective player and the chance of winning an NBA championship.
They have a championship contending team and are the reigning champions which would make players like Ray Allen who are on the verge of retirement lean more towards the Heat than another team which might be able to pay them more.  



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