Miami Heat reserve Dexter Pittman winning the battle against weight - NBA News

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Miami Heat reserve Dexter Pittman winning the battle against weight - NBA News
Dexter Pitman netted 10 points and 6 rebounds coming off the bench at the American Airlines Arena in a gameagainst New Jersey Nets on 6th March.
In an ordinary situation the score line would seem insignificant for a Miami Heat player, but for a player who has had an average of 1.9 points per game this season, this was a milestone of sorts.
The boost in his performance has been a result of extensive coaching and dedicated hard work. He had committed to lose his weight down to 370 pounds and now he is down to 285 pounds. This has resulted into more number of minutes on the court and an aggressive approach towards the paint.
Under the tutelage of Coach Erik Spoelstra he is slowly becoming a big factor for Heat.
“He’s about where he was when he left last year, which was the best he has been in his life,” Heat coach Erik Spoelstra said. “And so now he’s getting his opportunity on the court. He’s earned this.”
The 20 year old has initiated a battle with the weight and is eying to become a consistent force for the team. He has lost 93 pounds since he played his 1st game for Texas Terry high school and no one would have imagined that he can make it this far.
His dedication has shut the sceptics up, who usually refer to him as a laughing stock and that often erupted into skirmishes off and on the court.
With his stature he has the ability to challenge any one and a week offense never stood a chance when he is raging towards the basket.
“I can’t tell you how many miniscuffles he and Jamaal Magloire got in last year because he’s a physical player and he’s not afraid of contact by any stretch of the imagination,” Spoelstra said. “That’s what we like. And now it’s about corralling that and funnelling that in the right direction.”
He had been conditioning regularly but the lockout season resulted into regaining of the weight which he lost last season.
He use to work out twice a day once with the team and then on his own. The lockout season has resulted into deprivation of facilities, naturally in the absence of all that rigorous routine he was bound to gain weight.
However now as the things are back on main stream he is expected to improve further by the end of season.
Dexter has set a perfect example out for all those people who are fighting with weight issues. He has proved that iron will and extensive hard work can result into the attainment of goals.
We do hope to see more of his action in the coming games.



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