Miami Dolphins RBs coach Jeff Nixon backs Reggie Bush for better form – NFL News

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Miami Dolphins RBs coach Jeff Nixon backs Reggie Bush for better form – NFL News
Miami Dolphins running backs coach Jeff Nixon said he has confidence into ability of running back Reggie Bush and if works hard he can be a Pro Bowler or leading rusher in the National Football League (NFL).
Jeff’s remarks have come almost in line with Reggie’s aim of becoming a top running back in the league and the player has boasted his performance of past as an indication of progression towards his goal.
The coach said:
“I watched him while he was with the New Orleans Saints, and I always felt if he got an opportunity to try to carry the load he would do well. So when we (acquired) him I was very excited, and I told him one of my goals for him was to be a 1,000-yard rusher,
be a top-10 running back in the league.”
He added:
"I think he proved that last year, and I'm looking for bigger things from him this year. I have complete confidence in Reggie. I always knew he was going to be a good player for us."
It must be encouraging for Reggie that the coach has faith in his skills and abilities and now it is up to him to prove credentials of his claims he has repeatedly laid this offseason that he is heading to the top.
Although the player has not set himself a timeframe during which he aims to achieve the target, his performance this year and probably the next stands crucial and should prove his potential to perform remarkably well.
In spite of the fact that he has already touched the 1,000 and above yards mark at times, he remains inconsistent. His performance in 2007 for example was limited to mere 587 yards. This is nowhere closer to back his ambitions of reaching the peak.
The coach has given him the target of 1,000 yards to achieve on a regular basis to be able to secure the leading position. It is up to him to be consistent and show it happening every year. So far, his performance is below that mark but he certainly holds
the potential and can perform consistently well.



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