Medical Procedure, done wrong,had to stay in hospital extra week. No ins.?

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Just got hubby out of Hospital. He was diagnosed with MRSA Staph. Had procedure to remove poison in MRI scanner, then attached drain tube and bag.

For a week, nothing was draining, but hubby got swollen from needle with sleve left on. Took pictures. After a week, they did procedure again by another doctor. When he took out first needle, everything that was being held in for a week, drained out on the floor.

Second procedure done correctly and out of hosp. in 2 days. Sent home with RX for 12 days antibiotics by mouth. Went to regular doctor within 5 days. Changed bandage and given 1 month extension on antiobotics.

Yesterday, tube removed by 2nd doctor.Told to take antibiotics, 5 more days.

He doesn't have insurance and does not qualify for financial assistance since I am self-employed.Should I get a lawyer, or try to work with hospital bill over $92,000. He will need follow-up with the hospital. Don't want to get on their bad side.




  1. I'm really sorry about this difficult situation..

    I once had a family member who had a similar procedure and she got MRSA at the hospital, which is, as the people above me have said, IS the hospital's fault.  I really don't think I could come up with a better answer than the ones above me, but all I can say is please DO discuss this with the hospital because this can be worked out, it may be neccesary to get a lawyer cause this is a very serious case.  I wish you all of luck and may God be with you!  

    warmest regards..

  2. If the hospital or doctor is at fault then go to a lawyer. You should not have to pay for their mistake. Is there another hospital in the area that your husband can be followed at? If not and you do sue the hospital, then usually they will still treat  the patient if you are not unreasonable about the situation. In reality doctors and hospitals make mistakes all of the time . Why do you think they have medical malpractice insurance?

    Good luck to your husband and yourself.

  3. We do not have all the facts, but from what you stated it sounds like PERHAPS the drainage needle/tubing got clogged with larger pieces of material that were in the fluid that was supposed to be draining.  This is not an incorrectly done procedure since it obviously was NOT in the incorrect place and immediately drained when the needle was removed.  This is one of the risks associated with these procedures......they may not work.  On the first try or ever.  The second procedure (the one you said was done correctly), probably worked because the blockage was not there anymore.  This kind of falls in the "spit happens" category.  (I have gone through similar long, drawn out consequences of "spit happens" incidents with beloved family members. )  It is frustrating and maddening and expensive, and often drags out the patient's suffering but is really nobody's "fault".  The MRSA is another matter.  If he got it in the hospital, you can use that as a negotiating tool with the hospital to lower your bill.  Be sure to ask to talk a supervisor, or someone with real POWER, NOT the first lower level munchkin who answers the phone in the billing department.  Set up a meeting if necessary.  . Do not be afraid to mention the possibility of your having to file bankruptcy if they cannot work with you.  That will quite often get them to pay attention and be more willing to negotiate.  (If you file Chapter 7 they get NOTHING, and they know it.)   Good luck to you and your husband....

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