Martin Caceres reflects on the ambition at Juventus: Serie A News

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The Uruguayan international reiterated that the desire and drive was still alive within the Juve squad; the same drive which helped them go on to win the Scudetto.
The former Sevilla defender arrived at the Juventus Arena in the winter transfer market to accommodate for any injuries in the team. Caceres proved to be of great assistance to the Juventus side, and scored a brace on his second debut for the club.
He scored in the first leg of the semi-final of the Coppa Italia against AC Milan; unfortunately for Caceres, Juventus were unable to overcome in the final of the Italian Cup.
The Uruguayan was talking to the press and in his interview he went on to state that the team is ready to fight to retain their title as the Italian Champions. He went on to state that the dynamics of the Lega would be different this time around as teams
would be more careful and defensive owing to their performances in the last season.
Caceres also stated that another element of difficulty was added to the equation due to their participation in the UEFA Champions League. However, he stated that it would not bog his team down, they will be hungrier to prove to the world that they are a
great side, and worthy of comparisons with the Juve squads of before.
He was quoted to have said:
"It will be different to last season. We’ll be playing in the Champions League and it’s a very difficult competition. Having said that, we’ve got great desire and hunger to do as well as possible."
The defender has plied his trade with, with Caceres playing under the tutelage of Pep Guardiola. The versatile Uruguayan feels that Antonio Conte and his former boss share similar traits. He remarked:
"I see similarities between them. Conte is a very ambitious coach and we can go far with him at the helm. Our style of play is different to Barcelona’s, but the ambition and desire to win remain the same."
Juventus have strengthened their squad with the acquisition of



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