Mario Balotelli's Demands

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Mario Balotelli's Demands

The star of Internazionale "Mario Balotelli" is expected to be transferred to Manchester City. The Inter Milan coach is expecting good deals with Manchester City as he has other plans as well. He wants to sign Dirk Kuyt of Netherlands to Inter Milan and is very anxious about it. But the fact of the matter is, Mario Balotalli is demanding a huge salary for his transfer as he considers himself worth the bid. Although this teenager has been impressive and has had his moments in the past season, the salary he is demanding, makes his future vague at the English Club, Manchester City.
The coach is also willing to sell him for almost £25 million as he could then have a meeting with the Liverpool coach. Because of the skills and abilities shown by Dirk Kuyt in the World Cup as wing man and striker, has impressed the Inter Milan coach who is willing to have him on the squad. As the coach looks forward to the transfer of Balotelli, he is still confused by the demands of the striker.
Mario Balotelli started his club carrier with Lumezzane. Owing to his talent, he was promoted to senior league just at the age of 15. Afterwards, in 2006 he was bought by Internazionale and made his debut in 2007. He showed his talent and skill and soon became the center of attention. In 2008-09 season, he signed on a permanent transfer with Internazionale. He had a good season in 2008-09 and gained respect among the top players of Serie A. But in the last season, he was criticized by the Coach who dropped him off the senior team because he had disciplinary problems.
Not to forget Mario Balotelli is the youngest ever player to score in the Champions league. After the encounter of Balotelli with Juventus, the racism of the rival fans disheartens him as they said, “A Black Italian doesn’t exist”. He was also accused by his coach of showing less concern and lack of effort to receive good training. The Coach Jose Mourinho also stated that Balotelli came close to zero rating. Still, Balotelli struggled this season, and was accused of carelessness.
Balotelli accepted his faults of being careless and showing a lack of discipline, which is what created a  feud between the player and the coach. He justified himself by saying that he had no such intention. He apologized to all the fans and assured them of being useful for the team. He claims to be the only player who suffers because he loves to play football.
Mario Balotelli wants to sign with Manchester City at £180,000 per week. Although Manchester City is a rich club, paying good salaries to the players of the club but this demand is way beyond the expectations of the English Club. Balotelli was disappointed with the coach Jose Mourinho as he dropped him in the second leg of the Champions league semi-final against Barcelona, but successively played in both legs of the Champions League Finals and Inter Milan won its fifth title in a row.
Mario Balotelli had a rough season though he seems confident about finding a good bid for himself. Although this teenager expects a huge amount of money, he will probably be doing his best this season to prove himself.
Now as the start of the season approaching, Balotelli is not willing to make any changes in his demands and Manchester City has to think thoroughly before reaching to a conclusion or a decision. According to the recent analysis, the chances of Balotelli’s transfer to Manchester City still have a big question mark.



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