EPL Breaking News: Mario Balotelli's Manchester City future put in doubt

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EPL Breaking News: Mario Balotelli's Manchester City future put in doubt 
Manchester City's troublesome striker, Mario Balotelli seems to back to his best once again. The player who has had a rather poor start to his City career due to injuries and his bad temperament seems to have already begun planning a move
away from the Eastlands.
This is because the player seems to spend every minute off the pitch back in Italy as opposed to trying to get used to his new surroundings in England. As a result the player has often been regarded as a want away City player and his attitude
is not helping the cause either.
The player seems to be in a non-committal state with Eastlands and is now being linked with a shock move back to Italy to play for AC Milan. The player when asked about his future at City went on to say: “The likelihood is that I will
be at City up until June. I have a five-year contract and I can’t say anything.”
The speculation regarding the players future at the Eastlands grew even further when he was spotted having dinner with AC Milan's vice-president Adriano Galliani recently. When questioned about his encounter with Galliani the prodigal
striker responded with saying: “It’s true that I had supper with Galliani after the Milan derby, but had I eaten with (Inter president) Massimo Moratti the media would have said that I was going to Inter.”
The player seems to have a clear conscience about what he is doing and at the end of the day that is what seems to be the most important factor. However the player must also realize that he needs to show some sort of commitment to Manchester
City, having joined them this past summer.
City on the other hand have grown frustrated with Balotelli's attitude therefore this could go on to ruin his career permanently. City seem to have no remorse with their players and this time around Balotelli might have just met his match.
His antics were entertained to an extent at Inter, but he needs to realize that things won't be the same at City.



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