Mario Balotelli's hat-trick silences critics

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Mario Balotelli's hat-trick silences critics silenced his critics with an overwhelming hat-trick including two well-taken penalty shots on the blissful night of Dec 28, 2010. Manchester City clashed with Aston Villa and Balotelli made sure that his side stays on the domineering side.
It was an important match, as both sides had to prove their worth on the points table. With 4-0 win at home, Manchester City claimed the second spot again; levelling points with Arsenal. It was a memorable night for team in sky blue colour and “Super Mario.”
Balotelli is a new induction to Manchester City and Premier League. Apart from his temperamental issues, he is a venomous striker. He has pace; he is physical, fearless against the opposition and has extra ordinary ability to score. This gleaming talent
led him to win Europe's best Under-21 player for this season. After winning the award the Italian international acted bit egoistically, raising many eyebrows. He stated “There's only one that is a little stronger than me: Messi. All the others are behind me.”
In response, his doubters said that Balotelli had to prove a point before boasting of his dominance. This was the night where he scored and not only once or twice, but thrice. Manchester City’s and prime striker Carlos Tavez was rested and this was
a perfect opportunity for Balotelli to justify his transfer.
In the post match comments, Roberto praised his striker and said "When he has grasped this, and starts to make use of his qualities, he will become an important player for us. He's a player who can make the difference in any game, for any team."
Mancini protected him from temperamental problems and stated, "He is a good guy. He is not like he appears on the pitch. He likes to give this image, this impression, that he's hard, serious and doesn't like to play. But he is a different guy off the pitch."
Balotelli has scored eight goals in his 11 appearances for Manchester City. The Italian manager believes this is just a start of his bright spell at Manchester City. It was reported that Mario Balotelli is missing his home back in Italy and staying away from
family is downplaying him. However, Mancini guarded his striker “Brian Kidd [City's assistant manager] told me that had the same problems as Mario when he arrived at United, and needed time to adjust."



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