Marcos Maidana: Amir Khan begged the WBA to avoid a rematch with me – Boxing news

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Marcos Maidana: Amir Khan begged the WBA to avoid a rematch with me – Boxing news
The current World Boxing Association’s interim Super Lightweight champion, Marcos Maidana, has claimed that the unified International Boxing Federation’s and World Boxing Association’s World Light Welterweight Champion, Amir Khan, begged the WBA to in writing
to avoid a rematch against him.
The 24-year-old Khan, who is widely known as King Khan, secured a unanimous points’ victory over Marcos Maidana in a unification bout for the IBF and WBA titles back in December 2010 in Las Vegas, Nevada.
It was a spectacular fight from both pugilists which went all the way and earned itself a fight of the year award. Khan did win the fight on a unanimous decision but he survived some brutal late onslaught from the Argentinean, Maidana, who suddenly gave
him almost 15 or 20 clean punches.
Khan totally went off balance and somehow managed from being knocked out and Maidana believes the Brit knows he cannot win him again. Therefore, he does not want to face him again.
However, everyone has been left flabbergasted as the El Chino, Maidana, has claimed Khan begged the WBA to avoid a rematch.
Maidana told the media he and his camp members want to have a rematch with Khan but he is ducking them and has demanded an 18-month extension.
“What Khan doesn't say is that he begged the WBA in writing that they won't put me in front of him again, like we should have,” Maidana tweeted.
WBA recently stripped off Timothy Bradley from his WBC Light Welterweight title, as he did not offer Amir Khan a title shot and Maidana thinks WBA should now strip off Khan as he is not offering him a rematch.
“Very funny that Amir Khan says that he offered to fight a number of fighters and they said no,” Maidana said. “Khan asks Bradley to FedEx his belt. Then, Khan should FedEx his to me. We asked [Khan] for a rematch and they asked the WBA for an 18 month extension.”



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