Manchester United winger Luis Nani claims his side have mental edge over Chelsea

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Manchester United midfielder Luis Nani claims his side have mental edge over Chelsea
Manchester United talismanic winger, Luis Nani, feels that the Red Devils have a "psychological advantage" over Chelsea, ahead of the title deciding fixture at Old Trafford this weekend.
The Barclays Premier League leaders, Manchester United, will play host to second-placed and reigning English Champions, Chelsea, who are only three points adrift of Sir Ferguson side. Both sides are in a ‘Do or Die’ situation as a win for either side
will potentially win them the Barclays Premier League title.
Manchester United have booked their place in the final of the UEFA Champions League against Barcelona after beating Schalke and Chelsea in the previous rounds of the competition, and Luis in the European competition
will give his side an extra edge over their London rivals.               
Moreover, Luis Nani rates home fixture against Chelsea higher than the UEFA Champions League final against and has claimed that Manchester United have an advantage over the reigning Barclays Premier League champions because of United’s unbeaten
record at Old Trafford.  
Nani said, “The most important game now is Chelsea not Barcelona. But we are at home and we have had good experiences against them. We know if we want to win the game we have to play with confidence. The results against them in the Champions League were
very good. I think that gives us the psychological advantage”.
Luis Nani wants his team to continue their impressive form in order to triumph against Chelsea in a season-deciding fixture at Old Trafford on Sunday.
“We just have to concentrate on our football and winning the game. If we do that then everything will be fine. If we win this one then it is a great advantage for us. It is nearly over then. We have a great chance”, added the Portuguese winger.
Manchester United has an outstanding home record in the Barclays Premier League in the ongoing 2010-11 season. Sir Alex Ferguson’s men have drawn only once at home soil and have won 16 League fixtures in front of their home crowd.
However, Chelsea was the last team that defeated Manchester United at Old Trafford last season, which proved out to be the title-winning victory for the Blues.



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