Manchester City manager Roberto Mancini relishing FA Cup semi-final against Manchester United

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Manchester City manager Roberto Mancini relishing FA Cup semi-final against Manchester United
Manchester City boss, Roberto Mancini, has gone on to state that he is looking forward to a great FA Cup semi-final. This is because following City’s win over Reading just a couple of hours ago, they are now scheduled to face Manchester United in the next
round of the tournament.
The manager stated that a win in the game against Reading was of the utmost importance for his team. He commented further, "I think for us it was important to win against Reading. After, it is not important which team we meet in the semi-final or final.” also said, "I think for us, it is important to improve. We have improved a lot from the last year.”

Despite playing rather poorly during the game, City managed to progress via a goal scored by full-back In the 74th minute of the game, David Silva whipped in a brilliant corner which was met by the powerful Richards and gave City
the win. As a result City are now headed for a full on clash with United for the first time at the semi-finals of the FA Cup since the two teams met way back in 1926.
Despite his relatively poor track record against United, Mancini was looking forward to the encounter with United. The last time these two teams met, went on to score what is now a contender for goal of the season, the Red Devils won by outscoring
City by two goals to one.
However Mancini seemed to be in rather an optimistic mood and is reported to have said, "You can improve only when you have lost you understand which mistakes you did. I think that Manchester City now is very close to this club [Manchester United]." He then
turned his attention to the teams loyal fans and stated that they deserved this win just as much as the team. Mancini then concluded by stating, "For today, I am very happy for the supporters because they deserve to go to Wembley for this game."
It is no secret that this encounter between the two sides is going to be one of the most enthralling and mouth-watering of semi-finals in the recent history of the FA Cup.  Every time United and City have met, the two teams have gone on to produce a game
not to be missed.
At the moment it seems both the teams are out to win. City will be trying their best to get the better of their opponents and trying to win some silverware after a trophy drought which has spread over three decades. On the other hand United will be looking
to continue their dominance and will try to live up to their reputation of being the better team from Manchester.
Both Manchester City and Manchester United currently possess more than a handful of players amongst their ranks who can individually win the game for their team. For this very reason, when the two sides do meet, it is going to be down to the tactics that
the managers use and the game that they get out of their players that will determine the outcome of the match.
All in all the game is going to be one of the biggest match-ups in this season and is going to be one that no one is going to want to miss under any circumstance.



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