Manchester City manager Roberto Mancini wants to knock Manchester United off their perch

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Manchester City manager Roberto Mancini wants to knock Manchester United off their perch
After having won the FA Cup, Manchester City manager, Mancini went on to state that his next target was to beat Manchester United for the Premier League crown.
City and United both belong to the City of Manchester and over the course of the last fifty years, the Red Devils have proven to be the better half of the city. However, Mancini now strongly feels that his side have the capabilities to test those claims
– starting next season.
Following City’s one goal to nil win over Stoke City this past weekend, City went on to end a 35 year trophy drought. As a result, Mancini now feels that this trophy is just a sign for the many more to come in the near future.
Following the win, went on to simply state his ambitions and is reported to have said: “We want to try now for the title”
The manager then went on to highlight how things have changed in the city for both teams and went on to add, “It’s now better for all the people in Manchester and next year we will see.”
“We can try to play for the top with the other teams. It was time for that banner to come down. It was also important to start to win.”
Mancini then went on to elaborate on his future plans for the club and ended by stating that the FA Cup if anything was just the first step of many to come.
 “In there are three competitions – the Premier League, FA Cup and Carling Cup. We have won the FA Cup but we need to improve more to go to the next step.”
These words and claims form the manager, if anything are rather bold. However, when looked upon, if the time for City to shift the balance in the land was ever evident, it was now. The blue half of Manchester for the first time in their history appear to
have a stronger squad than United on paper and with the massive investment that has been put into the club, they can practically modify the squad any way they want to.
City have been highly impressive this term in the league and are currently sitting in the third spot in the Premier League. This just goes to show how much the team has developed from being a mid-table club in recent years.
Should the team continue to perform the way they have been, then it wouldn’t be surprising to see them push their barriers and land the most coveted trophy in the land.



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