MLB BREAKING NEWS – Yovani Gallardo and Alex Sanchez got mugged.

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MLB BREAKING NEWS – Yovani Gallardo and Alex Sanchez got mugged.
Yovani Gallardo, a pitcher for the Milwaukee Brewer was robbed at gunpoint a few hours after the he aced a pitch, losing to the Los Angeles Dodgers. Alex talked to the press 14 hours after the incident took place "It was a scary moment for me, obviously for me and Alex, and those are tough situations. Things like that happen in every city, anywhere you go and it's just unfortunate that it happened to me and him."
Yovani did not answer anymore questions asked by the reporters and left after briefly discussing the incident. Milwaukee’s manager, Ken Macha, told the press that the players are strictly instructed by the MLB exactly what to do during such situations.
 "I mentioned to him he probably should've called MLB security right away. I imagine other thoughts were going through his mind at the time,” said Ken.
Alex Sanchez was also presented at the situation, the incident took place in a supermarket when a man approached them and commanded to give them money and jewellery, while hitting Sanchez on the head. Sanchez did not face any major injuries to the head.
The Milwaukee police spokeswomen Anne. E Schwartz told the media during the ongoing investigation that they had recognized the two men who were robbed but could not identify the robber. A witness present at the juncture told the Associated Press that a man struck one victim and ran away.
When Yovani was questioned about what happened at the supermarket, he stated "Just going out there, getting a bite to eat before heading home, trying to stay out of trouble, and unfortunately trouble finds us," he said. "Nobody was seriously hurt and we're all OK. Both of us are fine. That was the main thing.”
Yovani was drafted by the Brewers in 2007 and made it to the All-Star team this year.  He is the starting pitcher for the Milwaukee Bucks and has a career record of 479 strikeouts. Gallardo recently signed a $30.1 million extension with the Brewers for over five-years. The All-Star recently put in a great effort with the Los Angeles Lakers but sadly lost to them with a score of 7-1. Gallardo has had a straight start four times and is one of the most admired upcoming pitchers.
The Milwaukee Police are still investigating the case and have yet to find a suspect as there were not many witness and security cameras present at the parking lot.



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