Golf update - three contenders for a single throne

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Golf update - three contenders for a single throne
The Johnnie Walker Tournament 2010 is currently underway with its Round 3.The Round 2 leaderboard marks David Lynn, Gary Boyd and Julien Guerrier tied at number one position. These players are all in apex form and are competing for the win.
The rookies of the European tour display a fine game with the three golfers tied at the top spot. After the game resumed in R2, which was delayed due to bad weather conditions, the Gleneagles added David Lynn in the tie as well.
At 12:31 David Lynn stood with a 67 under par and At 12:40 Julien Guerrier reached a minus 9 with 67 under par.
Gary Boyd at the same time held a 68 under par. Hence, the current half way is seen tied with a trio in the Perthshire with a minus 9.
After round 2, David Lynn has his hopes up in showing a grand performance. Lynn has been playing the European Tour for quite some time and dates back to over a decade. He has been displaying consistent performances over the previous tournaments but has managed to win only one event, The KLM Open, at 2004.
The 36-year-old is known as a regular and holds the par breakers of 15.3 %. A total of 11 birdie/eagles are found in his statistics. Although he doesn’t have more than one victory in hand, his performance at The Johnnie Walker Championship may change the current scenario and this is exactly what Flynn has in mind too.
Currently holding the top position along with Guerrier and Boyd, the 36-year-old explained that the game may lead him to win this event. Flynn has been playing a patient game all year and now coming back to the previously played course; Flynn is seen shinning on the Leader board with two other exceptional players.
Boyd and Guerrier, who are tied with Flynn for the top spot, are playing for the first time on these grounds. Both of these golfers are playing their first season of European tour.
Guerrier recently came from the qualifying school in November; his current performance marks him a player with a way of his own. Originally from France, Guerrier had a 5 under. His board stats confirm his tie with Boyd and Lynn with a minus 9. In the first round the Frenchman finished with a 68, while in R2 Guerrier moved from 68 to 67 travelling his game up the board form minus 8.
Talking about Boyd, his previous performance in The Challenge Tour paved his way for The Johnnie Walker Championship 2010. The Englishman finished R1 of the Johnnie Walker Championship with a 67 and a 5 under. His second round ended with a 68 in his hands. Boyd is recently tied with the Frenchman Guerrier and the 36-year-old Lynn on the leaderboard. His round 2 missed some cuts by a shot, and he admits it.
Boyd tells that the current year has been rather rough in him, hence frustrating. He missed the Czech Open but has secured the card for the next season. The player whom Boyd lost his card to, is Peter Hanson. He explains that he has been keeping some lofty targets himself this spell. Boyd attained a 68 in the round two which was Bogey free.
Guerrier currently stands at number 125 for the race to Dubai, where Boyd will be heading as well. If the 25-year-old wins the current championship, he would be securing his playing privileges by moving to spot number 115. Along with these two gentlemen, the 26-year-old Martin will be playing at The Race to Dubai as well. Guerrier marks him as a good player and states that although Martins game is good, he stands as a good striker. In the recent round, Guerrier has shot 7 birdies in the previous round of Johnnie Walker Tournament confirming his earlier statement.
The leaderboard’s present situation is tense with three golfers striving for the first spot. With David Lynn having a birdie average of 2.75 and Guerrier with .50, Gary Boyd, Winner of Asia Pacific Amateur Championship is tied for the number one position for the win. All are  to look forward to the coming rounds to see who will claim the Johnnie Walker Championship 2010.



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