Liverpool down Chelsea by 1-0 at Stamford Bridge

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Liverpool Down Chelsea 1-0 at Stamford Bridge
Fernando Torres’ move from Liverpool to Chelsea was being considered as a move that could make Liverpool’s chances at a win over the latter minimal.
The pre-match hype was built around Torres’ move and the two clubs’ high-profile signings. However, the match was a disappointment for many. It was not the most exciting of matches, with only a handful of chances from both sides in the entire 90 minutes.
Torres was not able to make difference for his new club despite several extended spells of pressure by Chelsea.
Liverpool, however, would not care, as they got what they came for in London. They got their game right and with timed tactics, they succeeded in downing the Blues at their own home. The game ended with Raúl Meireles being the one to score the decider in
the 69th minute.
The loss was a major blow to Chelsea and their slim chances for retaining the English Premier League (EPL) title seem to be fading away.
As the match kicked off, Fernando Torres was received with loud cheers by Chelsea fans, while the travelling Liverpool supporters booed him all over Stamford Bridge.
The game was only a minute or so old, when Maxi Rodriguez played a careless pass towards Torres, possibly forgetting that he had switched teams. However, the mistake did not cost him anything as Torres shot the ball well wide of the goal.
Liverpool did look nervous in the early exchanges, and failed to capitalise, not realising that these missed chances would haunt them at the end of the game. was playing just behind the forward two. The Frenchman looked out of place and was not able to impose himself as a playmaker. tried to play in Dirk Kuyt on the right. The final ball in by Kuyt was not good enough and the attack fizzled away.Škrtel-c24445 made the mistake of holding on to the ball too long, and Anelka robbed him of it. But his cross in was met by Liverpool heads and was cleared easily.
Torres’s first real contribution to the game came when he played a pass to, the slick touch was classy and Lampard was through. However, the midfielder’s run was brought to an end by Daniel Agger’s well-timed tackle.
The best chance of the first half fell to Maxi Rodriquez just after the half-hour mark. had played Steven Gerrard in, and the captain played a brilliant ball across the goal. Maxi had to simply tap the ball into an empty net, but somehow managed
to find the crossbar.  The first half was a cagey affair to say the least, ending 0-0.
The second half did not start at rapid pace either, Kuyt created the first chance seven minutes after the restart. Johnson got the ball but could not force a save from Peter Čech.
Chelsea started to play much better and Anelka was looking livelier and was creating much more from the midfield. Torres, meanwhile, still looked lost and desperately waited for a good pass to be played to him.  His disappointing debut finally came to an
end, and he was substituted after the hour mark and was sent in.
Liverpool finally broke the deadlock, against the run of play. Predictably, both let it go one after the other. The ball travelled
across the goal and fell to Raúl Meireles. The Portuguese continued his great run and smashed it in. The only goal of the match was Meireles’ fourth in the last five games.
Liverpool decided to hold what they had and pushed back in the final third of the game. Chelsea pressed hard but could not break the Reds.
Carlo Ancelotti’s team remains on the fourth spot and failed to take advantage of the points dropped by Manchester United on Saturday.



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