Lister and White can send Bandicoot Tipoki to Derby glory

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Lister and White can send Bandicoot Tipoki to Derby glory

When a sports partnership clicks, it can be hard to stop.

Charlie Lister and Ray White’s relationship is much more than a partnership; that just doesn’t do them justice. Deadly duo would be more appropriate.

The two have combined twice before to land the English Derby crown, and there won’t be a dry eye in the house if the legendary combination can make it a historical third on Saturday. Both men have endured health and family problems over the past couple of years, but that will be all forgotten for a while at least if their star hound, Bandicoot Tipoki, can get his neck in front. There is also a personal goal that Lister will achieve if Tipoki can land the spoils - he will equal Les Reynolds’s record of recording five Derby winners.

There could be an air of inevitability about Tipoki’s chances. After enduring a nightmare first two bends in the semi-finals, he somehow sprouted wings in the final straight to fly past three top class dogs to finish second and make the final. A sign from the greyhound gods, or just an incredible dog? Probably a little bit of both.

A year ago Tipoki made the quarter-finals but has looked more street-wise in this competition despite only being two years old. He has a turn of pace like no-other in the final, and did break the track record in the first round, before the emergence of Toomaline Jack.

Lister would probably have preferred a draw nearer the inside, as he has the fast starting Lyreen Mover and Oran Classic inside of him, but his dog, who will be appearing from trap three on Saturday, has proved he can ping the lids.

Toomaline Jack has been the more consistent dog over the six rounds, but Tipoki has shown that on his day he can beat anyone. Sure, he will need a perfect break and trouble-free passage in order to win, but a Charlie Lister dog trading at 9-2 in a Derby final screams value to me.

It will be a close run thing between him and Toomaline Jack, but Lister and White are masters at getting their dogs to trap when it matters.

You can expect Tipoki to be revved up and switched on as he enters the lids.

The deadly duo to strike once again. prediction – 1st



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