Light - Skinned and Dark - Skinned?

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I am a mixed race african american/german and i have noticed that there is a lot of animosity between black people towards each other. When I am out with darker skinned friends people usually approach me first and it makes me kinda embarressed. Other black folks say comments like youre a highlighter and light bulb and it hurts that im being judged by something i cant control. Does anyone else come across this problem?




  1. my boyfriend is a mix like that, too, although as far as I know.. he hasn't had too many problems, except with my father.  people are just ignorant!  embrace your differences, I think that's an awesome mix!  

  2. Yea, people call me high red, or orange, one of my cousin's is called high yellow, and another is called midnight.

  3. Yeah it's a common occurrence nowadays. I'm mixed white and black, so  all my friends like to make jokes. Most of the time I just let it wash off me, but sometimes it just gets to be a huge pain. I feel for ya, just hang in there. Think about telling them what's what.

    -Hope I could help-

  4. race doesnt matter

  5. I have been hated by people who share my skin color.  But at some point you love yourself more, you don't let what they say dictate who you are and how you look at yourself. Smile love the skin your in.  After all, God made variety everyone cannot be the same.  Accept your self.


  7. i'm mixed too and when i'm like with people darker then me they kinda look down on me think they superior to me cause, i'm lighter.....not pure blood so..........and its worst when i'm with people lighter skin then me.....

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