Is it true that girls with dark skin shouldnt apply dark eyeliner?what is the best eyeliner color 4 dark skin?

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not very dark , tanned

20 years old , brown eyes , light brown hair




  1. No. If anything the opposite is true. Someone with fairer skin and light hair may look better with a lighter liner like a chocolate brown instead of black. Girls with dark skin look great with a black liner. Pencil liner for daytime, and liquid or gel liner at night for a more dramatic effect.

  2. i think that girls with dark skin look best with dark eye liner that's why you see it in so many richly colored cultures like those of Asia and the middle east as well as in africa. Kohl is a popular color for all women of color or just dark skinned women to line their eyes with

  3. i think that black liner is a default for any skin shade but what i have also noticed is that light eyeliners or bronze eyeshadow work SO well with tanned skin. i have a light green and it look really good so light eyeliners are good but dark work as well.  

  4. i dont think so. i think most look great.

    some need a lighter one than others

    colour maybe kohl?

  5. very true tan skin and brown eyes usually should wear brown eyeliner. its make the eye stand out more. but black doesn't look bad i think it still looks pretty.

  6. thats not true - you can wear any eyeliner color and it will look nice on dark skin. black will make your eyes stand out more. you can also try blue on top and on bottom of your lids, with a pencil and it will make your eyes look really pretty.

  7. i think colors like




    look very pretty on dark skin.

    it makes u stand out more.


  8. nooo thats not true, but if you apply a white eyeliner on the outside on the bottom & dark on the inside -- itll bring your eyes out !  

  9. Dear ASEEL R,

    who told you such nonsense of not using darker eyeliner?

    With tanner skin it's better to use dark eyeliner,

    1)as it'll show better

    2)not disappear into the skin

    With tan skin you can use a couple of colours other than just black eyeliner,

    1) Dark NAVY Blue

    2) Khaki Green which is darker than your skin tone

    3) PitchBlack Violet

    these will give subtle colour to your eyeline and compliment well to brown eyes.

    What tan girls shouldn't do is to wear EYESHADOWS that are too light. Highlighting the brow area with a white is a old fashion ugly way to pop the area out.

    Light gold, matte pale yellow and a warm light beige eye shadows are good colours to use for highlighting or to use as a powder base.

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