Kuyt says lack of playing time may force him to leave Liverpool

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Liverpool’s striker, has said that he may contemplate leaving the club if he is not given more playing time in the coming season.
"I want to play every game. It is very disappointing when I don't - like the Carling Cup final for instance," said a frustrated Kuyt who has so far featured in 29 games for Liverpool this season and has scored 4 goals during this time.
The 31 year old Dutch international, who was linked with a possible transfer to Italian Serie A side Milan in January, said he wanted to stay at Liverpool for a long time but believes he deserves to be in the starting eleven.
"I can see myself staying at Anfield for the rest of my career, as long as I am satisfied and am entitled to play in each game to get to the level I want to be,” said Kuyt.
Earlier in the season, the player from Holland extended his contract with Liverpool for 3 more years and said that it was proof that he is happy at Anfield.
However, he said that if he does not get more opportunities, it might force him to part ways with the Merseyside team.
“..if it gets to the point where I am not playing every game anymore, then maybe I will have to make another decision” stated the Dutch
Kuyt is going through a rough patch at the moment with the striker scoring just four goals so far in the current season. However, he has had his moments this term, with the player grabbing a winner against Manchester United in the 4th round FA Cup match,
while scoring his 50th goal for the club against
The striker also went on to score the Reds second goal in the Carling Cup final against Cardiff City, only moments after he came on as a second half substitute. This goal saw the team take their match to the penalty shootout and with Kuyt converting from
the spot, the Reds went on to lift the trophy.
In total, he has scored 82 goals for in the span of 270 matches that he has played for the club.
Kuyt believes that the Reds are headed in the right direction, with the team following their Carling Cup victory against Cardiff City and thinks that more silverware will soon follow. Liverpool ended a title drought of almost six years when they won the
league cup this season. They are in contention for an English domestic cup double after beating Stoke City to make it into the semi-final of the FA Cup.
He also said that Liverpool have been guilty of inconsistency at times and urged his side to fight for a top four finish in the league.



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