Bruce Arians to come out of controversial retirement to join Indianapolis Colts as offence coach– NFL News

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Bruce Arians to come out of controversial retirement to join Indianapolis Colts as offence coach– NFL News
The reports, around the possibility of Pittsburgh Steelers’ former offensive co-coordinator, Bruce Arians, retirement being a controversial decision, have proven to be credible amid confirmation that the official is closer to land a deal for a similar role
at the Indianapolis Colts.
Arians had announced his retirement a couple of weeks earlier. Reports, appearing in some sections of media following his statement, had disclosed that his retirement was controversial, and the decision had apparently been made by someone other than Arians
The official spent five years as defensive assistant coach at Steelers and his contract was due a renewal later this year.
Steelers allowed his deal be expired and refused to renew it later. This prompted Bruce to announce his retirement despite that he wanted to continue to perform similar duties at the team.
The reports of his retirement being controversial were neither denied nor confirmed by Steelers, which led a majority of commentators believe that the official himself had not made the choice of his retirement. It came from someone in the top management
As of the latest, Bruce is reported to have been pursuing prospects for a similar opportunity available with the Indianapolis Colts. This confirmed the credibility of the reports that Arians was not interested in retirement and wanted to continue performing
his duties.
He is expected to travel to the Indianapolis later this week to discuss the opportunity and terms of his deal with Colts owner, Jim Irsay, and general manager, Ryan Grigson.
It is been hinted that the official is mostly likely to reach a deal at Colts, and if so, he will work with his former colleague, Chuck Pagano. Pagano has joined Colts as a head coach a week earlier, and he had worked with Bruce during their time at the
Cleveland Browns.
With the possibility of another assistant coaching staff, Butler, from Steelers to join an offensive co-ordinator at Colts, the three of them will be at the same side once again. Butler had also spent a couple years along with Pagano and Arians at the Cleveland
Browns following his joining of the team in 2001.
The Indianapolis Colts have sacked their all former managers, head coach and a majority of co-ordinators and in search to replace them with new hiring.
Bruce Arians, who is reported to be coming out of retirement to join Colts, will follow Butler. Steelers are reported to be interested in keeping Butler, who coaches linebackers at the team, under terms.
The official in the meantime is interested to pursue an offensive co-ordinator position and is looking to join Colts in near future.
Colts are expected to hire more assistant coaching staff, as following their sacking of about a dozen officials, their strength has fallen down from 20 members on board last year to just nine, lately. Arians and Butler will be their first new signings.



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