Kenya stands behind Rudisha's withdrawal from Commonwealth Games

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Kenya stands behind Rudisha’s withdrawal from Commonwealth Games
The 800m world record holder, David Rudisha of Kenya has been backed by officials in his country regarding his decision to stay out of the XIX Commonwealth Games in Delhi, India. The 21 year-old athlete, who broke Wilson Kepketer’s record with a best time of 1 minute and 41.01 seconds, states that he needs to rest and focus on the bigger tournaments next year.
According to BBC Sports, Rudisha, who was greeted by throngs of supporters at the Nairobi airport, stated: “The Games are being held unusually late in the year when the focus has turned to next year's World Championships in South Korea. Moreover, I feel tired after a very busy season and I need some rest before resuming training.” He then gratefully added, “I feel great and happy for my people to accord me such a welcome. It is ecstatic and makes one feel loved and appreciated. Now I want to rest and start early preparations for the World Championships and Olympics.”
Amongst his supporters is Athletics Kenya secretary, David Okeyo. The official stood by Rudisha’s decision, insisting “We feel he has done this country proud and he deserves a rest.” In Rudisha’s stead, Abraham Kiplagat, Richard Kiplagat, and Boaz Lalang will journey to Delhi to represent their country in the 800m.
Rudisha joins a high-profile list of athletes who have stepped out of the Games this year, including Usain Bolt, Asafa Powell, Mo Farah and Goldie Sayers. While some athletes attribute injury as their reason of absence, many have put aside the Commonwealth Games to focus their attentions on more major events, such as next year’s World Championships and the 2012 London Olympics. With a huge crisis surrounding the Delhi venue, questions raised of whether it will be ready in time, and so many stars out of the competition, this year’s event is beginning to look less exciting than many athletics fans hope for.



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