Fabio Capello to retire as England manager after Euro 2012

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Fabio Capello to retire as England manager after Euro 2012
Fabio Capello, the current coach of England, has announced that he would retire after Euro 2012, which is to be held in Poland-Ukraine.
Capello was appointed by the FA as manager of the English national team after the team’s failure to qualify for Euro 2008. These problems came despite the successes of English Premier League clubs in European club football, which added insult to injury.
Capello took the reins of England at a very critical moment. However, he seemed to be up to the task, as he was able to successfully lead England in their qualifying campaign to the World Cup finals in South Africa. England topped their qualifying group, beating Croatia, who knocked out England in their earlier bid to reach Euro 2008. After a series of successes, it was clear that the English national team would do better in South Africa. This success was due for a very long time, as England ceased to be a real threat in big tournaments for quite a while.
The goal set by Capello for the World Cup was at least a position in the quarter finals. However, the English, who looked a much better side before the World Cup, failed to live up to expectations. They struggled to reach the second round, and only just managed to finish second behind the USA. This was the first major blow to their prestige, which resulted in a showdown with Germany. In the second round, Germany routed England to secure a comfortable win.
After a disastrous World Cup, and with vicious criticism thrown his way, it was felt that Capello would not stay at the England post for long. His contract was valid till 2012, while the deal was worth £6M per anuum. However, after a lot of deliberation, the English FA decided to give Capello another chance to redeem himself. Therefore, amidst all the criticism, Capello started his team’s qualifying campaign for Euro 2012.
The first two matches brought a lot of success to England and Capello. The resurgent English easily beat Bulgaria and Switzerland in their opening two matches. Also, a total of seven goals were scored by the English in both matches. On top of all that, Capello was particularly happy with the performances of two of his players; Wayne Rooney and Steven Gerrard. Both these players were facing a lot of criticism for their form with the national side, and a good performance was deemed overdue. Even during the World Cup, both these players failed to make a mark for their team or their coach.
After a successful start to the Euro 2012 qualifying campaign, the criticism against Capello has died down, for now. On the other hand, it was felt that Capello would try to redeem himself by prolonging his contract beyond 2012, till the next World Cup. However, the Italian told the English press that he would retire from football as soon as his current contract with England expires. He stated, “I want to enjoy my life as a pensioner.”
Capello’s current contract would expire before the next European championships if England fails to qualify. But Capello seems to understand his team now, which may ensure that England qualify for the tournament. Also, this is his only chance to shine at the international stage, in much the same way he has done for the various clubs that have employed him. If he is able to play all his cards right, there is no doubt that the Italian would bring success to England, once again.



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