Junior Boy’s and Cadet Finals of the Austrian Open – Table Tennis Update

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Junior Boy’s and Cadet Finals of the Austrian Open – Table Tennis Update
The finals of the Junior Boy’s and Cadet Boy’s team events of the International Table Tennis Federation Austrian Junior and Cadet Open was contested on 19 April in Linz, Austria.
In the final event, the team from Hungary featuring Tamas Lakatos, Marton Szita, Nam Do Phuong and Domonkos Kovas won the title of the Boy’s Junior team event. They defeated the team from Croatia, comprising of Filip Cipin, Luka Fucec and Franjo Marelja
by a score of three-nil.
For the Hungarian Boy’s team it was lucky victory, as they also managed to win the Cadet Boy’s team event. In the Cadet Boy’s team of Adam Szudi, Nandor Ecseki and Gergely Sabjan defeated the team from Portugal. The pair of Diogo Chen and Jorge Costa won
the silver. It was a disappointing defeat for the Portuguese team against Hungary.
Hungary was the top seeded team of the event, but they moved to the top position due to the fact that the French team did not compete in the event. The Croatian Boy’s were at the Number three seed during the championship. It was a brilliant three-one victory
for the Hungarian Boy’s team.
At the quarter-final stage the Boys from Hungary defeated the team from England with match scores of three-two. Both teams fought hard and battled it out, as Hungary took the victory. The trio of Sean Cullen, Sam Walker and Lewis Gray fought to the end but
the decider game went in favour of the Hungarian players.
During the semi-finals, the Hungarian team defeated the team from Belarus. The Belarus team includes Siarhei Afansenka, Kiryl Barabanov and Pavel Nazarovich was defeated in straight matches. A three-nil victory for Hungary, the exciting matches played a
major role in boosting up the confidence of the Hungarian Boy’s as they made a narrow escape from losing at the quarter-final stage.
For the other finalist Croatia, the competition at the quarter-finals remained smooth as they defeated the Boys from Slovenia in straight matches. The trio of Ludvik Persolja, Ervin Zelezen and Luka Krusic from Slovenia were unable to win a single match
against Croatia, as their performance was dismal throughout the tournament.
At the semi-final stage the competition became tough for the Croatian team as they won the match against the team from Denmark. The team includes Ruben Ensen, Sebastian Haack and Emil Madsen. The Danish Boy’s extended the match to a full five in number.
In the Cadet Boy’s semi-finals, the Hungary team faced trouble playing against the Czech Republic. David Reitspies and Tibor Pavlik extended the final to a full five matches.
The Single’s Junior Boy’s events are underway at Linz. The event will conclude on the 21 April.



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