Josh Hamilton Avails the American League M.V.P. Award

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Josh Hamilton Avails the American League M.V.P. Award

It didn’t come as a surprise to see who would clinch the American League Most Valuable Player (MVP) award when the results of the votes cast before the playoffs, were announced last night. Major League Baseball is going through
the off season period and while teams are planning ahead for the coming campaign in the April of 2011, top stars in the league, are looking to land as many awards as possible.
For the Texas Rangers, the opportunity to lure in more stars from the free agency is here and while the top managers in the corporation work towards achieving their goals, the squad members are looking for rewards in the post baseball
season. Josh Hamilton has done a lot for his team over the past long months and when he played the side home to the post season, there was nothing but admiration for the strong outfielder.
The big man who plays in the left field has done wonders with the bat when he’s come around to bat. In the regular season, he showcased his prowess by batting at an average of .359. In addition, he slammed 32 homers, batted in
a 100 runs, scored 95, pushed 40 doubles and punched 40 triples. The strong hitter went on to win the American League Championship Most Valuable Player award when the Rangers defeated the New York Yankees for the first time in the playoffs.
Josh recalled his time in 2010 by saying, "Obviously, going to the World Series was great but also realizing how we got to that point. We got to that point by all having the same common goal and believing we can accomplish that
goal. It was the most fun you can have in baseball with a great group of guys and playing with one common goal. That's hard to find at the Major League level. That's very rare. Hopefully, we can maintain that for a few more years."
Third Baseman Michael Young, who is the oldest serving Rangers man in the squad went on to say, "Josh is one of the, if not the most, gifted guys I have ever played with. He can do things on the field that not many guys can do.
The scary thing is that he can get better. It's only his fourth year in the league, and he can still find a way to improve. I'm certain he will find a way."



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