Texas Rangers left fielder Josh Hamilton Wins the MVP award

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Texas Rangers left fielder Josh Hamilton Wins the MVP award
The Texas Rangers made history in the night by beating the New York Yankees in the American League, Championship at the Rangers Ballpark and moving on to the World Series. The milestone achievement for Ron Washington and his men was the first for the franchise and it came a year in which the club was riddled with internal problems. This post season form saw a side that had never been able to achieve a high mark in Major League Baseball before.
Most of the problems surfaced after Ron was caught indulging in cocaine consumption and the club was put for sale during the year. Josh Hamilton, who had a long list of his own woes to deal with, had a tough run with the media, after an exposed video saw him drinking heavily in a bar.
However, the team did better than revel in its mistakes and problems. The club won the West division and went on to win the American League Championship by beating and booting the Yanks in the 6th game. Hamilton was a visionary performer and the man had a lot to contribute as his batting average in the season stood tall at .359. Apart from that, he smashed 32 home runs and batted in a 100 runs to put his side on the top position.
In the post season, he did the same. His batting average was on .350 and he bashed 4 important home runs. In addition to that his presence in the outfield kept the best hitters in the dugout. As the Texans celebrated, Josh collected his Most Valuable Player award and became the 8th person to do so.
During the post award interview, the player shared a few words on the accomplishment: “I'll be honest with you, in the ninth, A-Rod (Alex Rodriguez) was up, and I'm tearing up out there, trying to hold it back in case he hits a ball to me. It means a lot, everything I've been through and what God's brought me through to this point to this group of guys, I'm so excited, I feel blessed.”
Furthermore, he commented on the team effort by saying: “We were just playing really good baseball. I mean, we were doing all of the things good teams do to win. Playing small ball, you know, power, playing defence, pitching well, all of these things, and we saw how it could work, you know, if we did all of those things and how good we could be."



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