Jose Rodolfo Serpa Perez bags his first victory of the 2012 season

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Jose Rodolfo Serpa Perez bags his first victory of the 2012 season
Andrea Guardini’s splendid run of form was brought to an end by Jose Rodolfo Serpa during the 187.2 kilometre stage 5 of the Le Tour De Langkawi 2012.
Guardini secured all the first four stages of the races and is still looking good to challenge his last year’s record at the event.

He claimed five stages during the Malaysian race, the first, the second, the sixth, the seventh and the tenth stage victory.
Andrea needs one more victory to equal his previous best performance at the race.
However, Jose Rodolfo Serpa was determined to grab his first win of the season, as he sailed across the finish-line in the quickest time of 4:32:17.
Serpa was delighted with the win, as he noted after crossing the finish line, “I hope to be able to do what I did on my first visit to Malaysia in 2006, winning on a flat stage finish and then the day after winning up to Genting”.
Darren Lapthorne of Team Drapac achieved the second position, while Matteo Rabottini fell 11 seconds short of the race leader to grab the third spot.
Stage 4 general classifications leader David Zabriskie of Team Garmin-Barracuda had a disappointing day and finished in the second last (123rd) spot.
He has now dropped down to the 115th overall position after the stage 5 classifications, whereas Darren Lapthorne is now leading the category.
Lapthorne was shocked on Zabriskie’s performance, “I’m surprised as I didn’t think Zabriskie would fall back today. I thought he had such a good lead, and also my team-mate Adam Phelan – who was coming second overall – pulled out earlier in the stage”.
He continued, “When I heard that during the race that my teammate and Zabriskie were off the back, it gave me extra motivation”.
Harrif Salleh of Terengganu Cycling Team succeeded during the first and the second sprints of the race while Floris Goesinnen of Team Drapac achieved the final sprint on the fifth stage.
James Williamson, Matteo Rabottini and Muhamad Adiq Husainie Othman dominated during the three mountains categories of the race.
Darren Lapthorne now has a lead of 37 seconds over Tom Danielson after the stage 5 classifications.
Alexsandr Dyachenko, José Rujano Guillen and Joseph Cooper are holding firm at the third, fourth and fifth positions in the respective order. 



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