Jade Dernbach added to England’s win – Cricket News Update

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Jade Dernbach added to England’s win – Cricket News Update
England truly proved its word for maintaining total domination over the Indian tourists, after the hosts marked another successful victory at the one-off Twenty20 (T20) match at Old Trafford, Manchester, on Wednesday, August 31, 2011.
The 6 wickets win against India came with complements to the much hyped roster of players, however, for the night, skipper had much to thank spearhead, Jade Denbach, whose 4 wickets haul restricted the Indians into offering an easy chase
for the English batters.
Not only does his bag of stumps aided England with the win but also added Dernbach on the team’s current line-up of world class bowlers.  
Initially, the bout began with Indian Captain,, regrettably winning the toss and opting to bat first, forcing the English to take on the ball.
The visitor’s session came alive with and Dernbach.
Offering an aggressive start for the team, the openers brought in a swift pour of runs in the early moments of the innings. However, following an opening blow off Dernbach, India suffered its first loss in the 5th over of the session, losing Patel
at a minor 10.
With the arrival of, as one down batter, India may have thought of some hope on the line-up but were proved wrong after English bowlers sparred none and took no time in steamrolling the early middle order following Dravid’s loss in the 11th
As for Dernbach, the pacer came out with yet another blow at the Indian roster earning skipper Dhoni’s stumps towards the closing moments of the innings followed by a clean knock at Praveen Kumar’s timber.
While other bowler’s delivered the remaining damage to the opponent, Dernbach finally took complements in wrapping up the Indian batting session securing Munaf into piling up an easy chase
worth 165 runs.
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