Is it bad to keep ur contacts in ur eyes

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i know this is very bad but will anything happend to eyes because sometimes i get really lazy and just dont take my contacts out. one time i went a week without taking them out so will anything bad happend to my eyes because of this




  1. well it depends if you start seeing the symptoms. you shouldnt keep them on for so long or it could be dangrous. But just take them off at night. Symptoms:

    itchy eyes

    red eyes

    shadows under eyes

    hurting eyes

    im not telling you what to do just be carefull. verry carefull.

  2. dude! Thats baaaaaad. You can get an eye infection, and then you can't wear your contacts at all for a few weeks. not cool. trust me, i know.

  3. Yes, they will dry out and get build up on them. I left mine in for a few days and ended up with a really bad eye infection..then I couldn't wear them at all for over a week. Your eyes are important. Take are of them.

  4. um yeah thats really bad, one night might not hurt but a week? the contacts will pretty much glue themselves to your eyes, then the doctor has to find a way to get them off and it will end up scarring your eyes and probly impairing your vision permanently. seriously bad stuff can happen

  5. Wow... I am amazed how many people don't like to take thier contacts out. Well the answer would be yes it is bad.  You could get:

    1. Pink eye

    2. Infection

    3. Scratch your eye

    There are a lot of things that could happen with leaving your contacts in your eyes for a period of time.

    Try using Focus Night and Days if you want to sleep in contacts.

  6. dry eye, serious infections, corneal ulcers, giant papillary conjunctivitis, corneal neovascularization, and not being able to wear contacts again

  7. yes it is very bad. the moisture in your contacts must be renewed. if they dont, then they will stick to your eye, and you may have to get surgery to take them out. dont do it again. take them out. dont be lazy. ur risking ur eyes...

  8. no its not bad, well for me. But try to take them off every night. Your eyes should get some oxygen in them, putting on contacts diminishes the amount of oxygen that your eyes need. PLUS, if you sleep with your contacts, its alot harder to take them out of your eyes the next day because they kind of get, STUCK, because your eyes are dry. Sometimes hurts to take them off at that point.

    Just try to keep your contact case close to your bed to take them off before u sleep if you're lazy. You dont need to be in front of a mirror to put or take off contacts

  9. if they are day contacts only, yes, it is very dangerous. Your eyes need to breathe over night, and if they don't they will dry up and get dehydrated (ouch). This can pose health problems to your cornea.  

  10. maybe. I know that it is not good to sleep with them in. Also bacteria can collect on the contact.

  11. You kept tham in for one week? Wow! Well, I wear contacts too and at the store, the lady told me to not wear them when i went to bed... Reasons for this include a serious build-up of bacteria, not to mention, it can tire your eyes...

    Advice: Stop being lazy and start taking care of your eyes... Sorry to sound harsh, but you are in a huge danger of getting some eye infection...

  12. depends what kind dey r i got dailie take dem out every night but its unhealthy and dangerous to leave ur contacts on for dat long of a time ur contacts willg et dreid up nd maybe get into ur eye  

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