Help I'm bothered by my peripheral vision (side vision) please help!?

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I don't know if this is a problem but bascially our coach taught us in baseball to use our peripheral vision when playing a game but now after practice I come home and I'm watching the tv and i can see so many objects around me its annoying, like i hate it! What is the point of peripheral vision, now all i can concerntrate on is things in the corner of my eye, how annoying! Anyone know what I can do t stop concerntrating on these objects because I am not directly looking at them at all! Please help me and am I normal? Thank you!




  1. well just quit stressing about it,  i think it's all mental,  like how some people can't sleep at night, so they start to worry about not being able to sleep and it makes the problem worse.  just try not to think about it, which isn't easy cuz the mind is a powerful thing.

  2. Put you hands in the position like you were holding binoculars. Now put your hands on the outsides of your eyes. Welcome to tunnel vision. Would you really like to see like that everyday? Say good bye to safe driving. People sneaking up on you, not being able to avoid dangerous surroundings, having to turn your head to notice everything, secretly checking out girls.. having perphieral vision is a biological advantage. Youll get used to it.

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