Inter Milan’s £30m offer for Carlos Tevez turned down by Manchester City

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Inter Milan’s £30m offer for Carlos Tevez turned down by Manchester City
It seems like Inter Milan have actually lived up to the rumours which stated that the team were interested in signing Carlos Tevez from Manchester City at the end of the season. According to Italian reports, the team has already gone forth and made their
first attempt to land the Argentine striker, by offering a massive 30 million pounds to City for his services, only to get turned down, with the bid being deemed insufficient by the Manchester based club.
Tevez, who has had a topsy-turvey season with City, had already gone on to hand in his transfer request to the club, only to withdraw it a couple of days later. However, despite the withdrawal, the striker has looked far from being happy at the club.
The Argentinean international joined City from local city rivals, Manchester United, at the start of the 2009 season. Ever since joining the team, the striker has gone on to make 80 appearances for the club, scoring 51 goals. The player is currently set
to miss out on the team's FA Cup final showdown with Stoke City, which means that his opportunity to potentially win a trophy with the team, has also gone down the gutter.
It still seems rather unclear as to why City went on turn down such a massive bid for the striker. At the moment, apart from Tevez, City possess a number of strikers including Edin Dzeko, – who is currently on loan
at Real Madrid.
Now keeping that picture in mind, had City parted ways with Tevez, it would have not been shocking, since the team were to receive a massive fee for the striker. However, what can be said without a doubt is that Tevez is the most impactful player that the
team have.
The striker has always gone on to give a 110% for the team, but with him now being 27 years old, it looks like he might just be becoming a little injury prone.
Nonetheless, with Inter desperate to sign the striker, perhaps Roberto can think of a solution that could help benefit City and let Inter have their way. The manager could use some reinforcements in the midfield and at the back.
Now should he keep this in mind, then maybe he could present Inter with a swap offer for a player like Not only will that offer go on to test just how serious Inter are about Tevez, but it could also potentially see City become
one of teams in Europe.



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