Carlos Tevez says he rejected A.C Milan and Inter Milan to stay at Manchester City

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The Argentinean striker reveals that he rejected offers from Italian and French clubs in the January transfer window and does not feel why the situation has gotten as worse as it has at the Etihad stadium..., the Manchester City manager.
Tevez refused to take the field against Bayern Munich earlier on in the season in the UEFA Champions League and caused a huge controversy in the Manchester City dressing room as a result. The Argentinean forward has been in the
headlines since as he has conducted a war of words with Mancini and the Manchester based club who have taken a stern stance against Tevez’s adventures.
The former Manchester United forward was at the centre of Manchester City’s UEFA Champions League place charge last season as he captained the team to a third place finish but now the Argentinean goal scorer finds himself out of
friends at the Etihad stadium where he has returned following a failure to find another club in the January transfer window.
Tevez said in his latest interview, "The situation is very strange for me; I wanted to go and had offers from other leagues, from But it did not work out in the end because City did not accept any of the offers.
There were offers from [AC] Milan, Inter and PSG. But something always wasn't right."
He added, "If all regularities are right and the clubs agree a transfer with City, I can see myself going there, even on loan. But after all that has happened with Milan or, I don't know if City wants me to leave on loan.
If the rules allow it and City agree then that could be a possibility, if only as a loan, but I don’t know how Milan or Inter might feel about that. In any case, City want a definite transfer. That’s what complicates everything because they have made it clear
they want a transfer fee for me."



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