India v West Indies 2011 – Marlon Samuels makes comeback after ban

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Marlon Samuels, the middle-order West Indian batsman, argues that cricket holds great significance for him after making a comeback in the international arena.
He vows to play passionately and enjoy his game for some years to come. However, he still regrets the loss of two years that he has spent without cricket.
Samuels has expressed these views in a media interview after his team’s defeat against India in a 3-match Test series.
Samuels said, “When things go well you take everything for granted. But when you undergo tough times, you realise the importance of little things in life. I have become more religious. I am not someone who would pray a lot of times but before I start a day,
I just say a quick thank you to God. Cricket means more to me now”.
Samuels was banned from international cricket in 2008 following the revelation of his alleged Kochaar. His telephonic conversation with Mukesh regarding fixing a match between West Indies and India was tapped and the International Cricket
Council ( moved to impose a 2-year ban on the batsman.
Though the ban ended in 2010 but Samuels had to stay out of his national team for at least a year more as the selectors had lost confidence on him. The recently concluded home Test series against India provided him an opportunity to make comeback.
Skipping the 1st Test, Samuels played the 2nd and scored 78 not out in an innings. However, the match was drawn.
After a successful resumption, Samuels is keen to play with honesty and fervency in a bid to re-establish himself in international cricket.
He said, “Having lost 2 years I have to make up for it by scoring more runs. I may not overhaul Sachin's records but I want to at least score hundreds. runs against India is special because they are the top team in the world”.
The 30-year old right hander has played 32 Tests, 117 ODIs and 8 T20I so far with 1567, 2698 and 162 runs in all three formats. He made his international debut in 2000 against



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