I would like to know what to do about expired medications.?

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I would like to know what to do about expired medications.?





  2. Toss them.  Not only are they no longer effective, you run the risk of the chemical composition changing or breaking down which puts you at risk for major complications.  Most over the counter medications are safe enough that unless the expiration date was 10 years ago the risks are relatively minor.  However, you'll still want to toss out anything that's past its expiration.  With prescription medications, this is even more important.

  3. Trash them never take expired medications

  4. Proper medicines disposal is an environmental issue,with varied opinions amongst experts.

    Some tips:-

    Don't throw in waste garbage,hazardous to environment .

    Flushing down the toilet or pour down the sink is also associated with ecological hazard as modern water treatment plants are not fully developed to deal with medication.

    Best is get in touch with pharmacy or doctor, some of them collect expired medicines and dispose of in a correct way.

    Grind oral medicines , put in child safe bottles and wrap carefully and can throw them into thrash,

    You can contact you municipal or local trash services ,many of them offer local household waste facilities.

  5. The safe thing to do is to throw them out. Not to flush them down the toilet.

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