I love wearing Briefs (Tighty Weighties) but I'm afraid of stuff-

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I love tight White briefs because their so snug but I'm worried about my future of having children and the fact that kids will make fun of me . I'm a 13 year old guy. I switched to Boxers and I like them ok but briefs are realy cool.


And I dont want to wear briefs UNDER my Boxers. Thats to much heat and Itching. NO BOXER BRIEFS Either!




  1. Guest204
    I wear tighty whities. Snug briefs are the best. They fit nice and are so comfortable. I think guys look cool in their white T-shirt and briefs. That's all I wear around the house. Daaave

  2. I say ware what you wont so ware you shudet care whut uther ppl say I ware brifes to and i dont care.

  3. that is a old wifes tale i have worn tighty whities since i was 3, i am now 44 my sperm putout is treffic, i am g*y

  4. Dude,

    f**k em all. Wear Tiger double seat, white briefs then turn the tables on anyone who makes fun of you. You could say stuff like "Oh, yoy noticed my underwear . . .  you must think I'm attractive. Are you facinated with my butt? Huh? What's that ?" When joking around like that the  thing you have to do is just ignore their responses and keep going eldlessly with your insinuating comments until they become angry. Then they will shut up and leave you alone . . .or you will get your a*s kicked (but I doubt it unless these kids are terribly mean).

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