I am looking to get a credit card.....?

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i have no credit and i'm looking to get a credit card to build up my credit. my plan is to buy my monthly weight lifting supplements, something easy i can pay off fast. what would be my best choice? looking to apply online but dont really know what i'm doing?




  1. Don't get a credit card, hold off for a while. That's a trap the credit companies want you to fall into.

  2. I love my discover card.  The rewards you can't beat.  You can earn up 1% cash back on all purchases.  Every quater they run specials.  for instance this quarter all gas and hotels purchases I receive 5% cash back.  If you read weight lifting magazine and buy throught shopdiscover you may receive 20% cash back.  Your cash back rewards are very flexible.  Of course you could take the cash or some retailers so can double the reward.  For instance I am taking a Carnival cruise in NOV, Discover is doubling my cash back to $120 off my cruise fare.  It's a great card the only one I use.  By the way good luck with the weight lifting.

  3. That's a good way to start building your credit if you use the card as you say you plan. Just remember to keep your balance low. When you look for cards look for low interest rates and for any annual fees that may accompany the card. This site has all types of cards even the ones mentioned by other's answering. I find it more helpful if you can look at a ton of offers from different issuers on one site rather than bouncing back and forth. You can also narrow down your search for a student card, cards with bad credit or good credit. You can also look for cards with incentives if that would interest you. Just check this out and compare the cards and apply for the one you think will suit you. Happy Hunting!


  4. If you are a student the you can apply for Discover Student Card or Capital One Student Card. If you have nothing in your credit what's so ever then you should apply for pre paid visa with no fee.

    go here

    email me If you have any question.

    Good Luck

  5. Don't do it.

  6. there are a couple of ways you could start building credit, you could get a small personal loan which you might need a cosigner or the best way will be getting a credit cards, you could get a credit card and use it for your every day expenses but make sure you pay in full at the end of the month that way it will show pay in full everytime the credit card company reports to the credit beuros. At the begining you will only be approved for the lower end credit cards but once you build credit in about 6-9 months you should be able to apply for a better card with better benefits such as free miles or cash back. Check out and go under bad or no credit section and you will find a few choices. But if you are a student your best choice will be a student credit card.

  7. If you have no credit, you may not be able to get a regular credit card.

    If you would like to build up your credit history, your best bet is to get a secured credit card.  That means you have money that you let the credit card company hold as collateral and they will give you a card.  

    This is also a good way to avoid getting in over your head.  Don't charge it up to your limit and don't carry a balance.  It's easy for things to get out of control with your first credit card.

    Good luck.

  8. GET A CREDIT CARD!  It will help you build credit that you need to buy a house,car, etc.  If your in school get the Discover Student Card i love it.  If not look into the Discover More Card.  It depends on what you want.  If anything though use applyfastbankcards to apply for your credit card, they pay you to use their site.  I got $55 for the Discover More card.  Good Luck:)

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