I am 5'10 inches tall and weight 60 kgs plzzz tell me if you thinck this is fat?

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  1. not at all im 6'1" and weigh 85kgs and im not fat so ur fine

  2. Since 60 kgs is equal to 132 lbs,and you're 5'10. No, you are definitely not fat. And anyone who says so is a stupid moron.

  3. i think you look extremely're tall and underweight...consider gaining a few pounds...

  4. no, it's not are pretty tall so the weight doesn't even show. you should even gain a few pounds. but all in all it depends on your metabolic rate.don't worry. try to exercise though.

  5. your under weight

    you need to gain 5-10kgs to be healthy!!!


  6. no its not fat

  7. That's like 132 lbs. that is nowhere near fat! Im 5'9 and I weigh 150 or in your terms about 68-69. I am nowhere near fat, although i work out, but no, you probably need to eat.

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