I am a 12 year old girl iam of 40 kgs how can i lose my weight i am gaining weight faster and faster

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due to this i can feel very much tireness i also control over food




  1. Stop to play in a computer, Stop Snaks, Oilly foods.

    Every day morning Run fastly minimum Three Kilometers and do Exercise.  Your body will be slim.

  2. You need to go and see your doctor and talk to them about it.

  3. ok go for a jog in the morn sis.

  4. easy. be a kid! go outside and play! have some fun too. even playing tag outside in the yard is exercise!

  5. good question..

    DO diting, it will help and ignore the food whick u like which increases fat.



  6. Please visit your doctor. I had a similar situation I was 57 kgs and gained rapid weight of 30 more kgs within 3 months. Later I was diagonoised as a Hypo-thyorid. Of course with weight the body tends to become tired - Please visit a doctor and get your self checked.


  7. drink lots of water.......

  8. Your body is going through a lot at the moment. You need to go and see your doctor and talk to them about it.  

  9. Try visiting your practitioner. Talk about it with mum and dad. There's also the weight watchers program for young people. Good Luck on your journey.

  10. You can cut down on ice creams and chocolates.Since u say ur 12 going on a diet is not advisable.So u can excercise a lot. U can go for swimming if u can.

  11. what kind of food do u take that is what u have to watch.....Angel,ur in a growing age now go yes u will gain weight.....cut down alot on oily foods,try to stick 2 protein,fibre & most important fruits & vegetables....those foods are the best 4 ur growing age!!!

    plus do alot of exercises, the "best" exercise that i will recomend to u would b's very good 4 your heart.........

    hope that it helped.

  12. starve?


  14. if u wan t to reduce ur weight then , daily do yoga, it really helps. walk daily.dont eat junk

  15. you said you were 12 years old at 40 kgs. thats not too bad. if i was you i wouldn't want to lose weight.

  16. eat only salad, fruits and green vege.

    go for a run.

  17. that happened to me but i was working out and whatnot if your getting fat then eat less junk but if your just getting bigger (taller wider) its not a big deal

  18. You have to find the right balance of food and exercise.  

  19. ok ur 1st of all ur young don't worry so much but if u want some advice 4 the tiredness take a jog or 2 every day ull feel so energized after a few days of trying it (but dont run 2 much or u can over do it)

  20. im not sure.

    but my friend said not to eat cookies no more.

    answer mine please?;...


  22. 40kg is not that much. I doubt you need to lose weight else you maybe be harming your normal growth since you have some ways to go yet. Give your body the nutrients and energy it needs to do this. You are at an age that will cause spurts in growth and is demanding on your body so accept 40kg that is not really heavy to start with. You certainly do not want to under develop.

  23. Even though you are at an age when you will be experiencing quite a few changes I think you should ask your parents to take you to the doctor and have your thyroid levels checked. Weight gain and tiredness are classic symptoms. Nothing to worry about it is just a simple blood test and if there is a problem you will just have to take medication.

  24. You can go for a fruit and juice diet. But as you are too young you better consult a good dietician for a proper diet chart.

    God bless.

  25. you should do alot of exercise like dancing,swiming, can also make blacktea without sugar n drink it. u'll definately loose yor weight in 2 weeks. best of luck.

  26. Thing you have to do is KEEP YOURSELF BUSY.

    Just today I was starving, but we had to go to the supermarket. So I've been walking around there for 45 minutes (still starving) but then when i got home, I wasn't as hungry, but I still had something to eat. Did you know that your stomach shrinks a little when you're really hungry? So basically you won't be AS hungry. On the contrary, if you eat only a little while you're starving, you'll be even more hungry.

    Watch what you eat! Eat high calorie foods in moderation! Instead of soda, go for water. Instead of french fries, try a salad.

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