I've got a squeaky/Whistle noise coming from the rear wheel,could it be the wheel bearings?

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it's usually when I drive bout 20/30mph. Also how much could it cost and is something that should get fixed asap?




  1. Could be, or it could just be dirt or a pebble stuck between the the rotor and break pad, but packing a wheel bearing or changing it is not that expensive, take it to Midus or a brake place you like and they will find the problem and give you a written estimate for free.

  2. depends.. is it rear wheel drive? could be a u joint loose lug nuts or a wheel bearing or the brake pads.. theres alot of parts that could squeak on a car

  3. When asking questions conserning vehicles please always include year make and model. You'll get better more  detailed answers. The noise most likely is worn disc brake pads as most pads have a spring loaded wear sensor that scrapes on the brake rotor so you can hear it before the pads are completely gone and the rotors are ruined.

    It's very seldom that a rear wheel bearing goes out if you have a front wheel driven car. It can happen but it's very remote. When a front or rear wheel bearing starts to make noise the sound is a low pitched groan. Front and rear wheel bearings on front wheel driven cars run very close to $90.00 for a SKF American made unit fron NAPA. You can always "chince out" and save $15.00 by purchasing an off-shore built unit with a very short or no warranty!

  4. could be dust or brake shoes that are woren down causing the noise yes it should be fixed asap

  5. could be, could also be the breaks.

    it really needs taken apart and looked at to see what is wrong,

    I have no idea of the prices as I never take my car to a shop.

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