300d turbo mercedes Rear Wheel Bearings

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1982 Mercedes 300D Turbo

Rear Wheel Bearings, I ordered parts and they sent roller bearings. But the car has ball bearings. I ordered a repair manuel it shows the front wheel bearings and not the rear. I am not a fan of Haynes manuels. I thank you for your help.

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  2. Ok - first, the seat comes out all in once piece.  At least they did in both of my 1984 300D's. There are bolts in back that you will need a torque wrench to remove, at the base of the sliders, and then there are two more under the front of the seat. The ratchet that you use has to have a pivot point to be able to get to them very easily regardless, and I also found that it usually involves a lot of explatives and moving the seat back and forth.  

    As to the car still running once the key is removed.  I never had that problem with my first 300D in which I still used the original key, but found that occasionally that would occur in the second one when I would shut it off too quickly. The only difference between the two is that the ignition and key are both worn somewhat in the second 300D. If I use the spare key (aftermarket) that was cut a little loose in my first one, I've found that it will do the same thing.  Shutting it down is fairly easy, turn the key back on, then shut it back off a little slower.

  3. I have a 1985 Mercedes Benz 300 D when I turn it off and take the key out
    the car continues to will not shut off.


  4. Remove the seat back. The lower seat has two 10 mm bolts which attach it to the sliders. The upper seat will pose more of a challenge. You have to remove the hinge pins where the seat hinges to recline. They are a bear to get out.

  5. how to remove front seat

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