How will Barcelona approach the second leg of the Super Copa? (Part 4)

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How will Barcelona approach the second leg of the Super Copa? (Part 4)
Keeping in mind how Barcelona played in the first leg of the Super Copa, the second leg is going to be very important for them. The first leg saw them taking the lead with a bit of luck factor as Real Madrid were the better side by a mile.
It was for the first time in Josep Guardiola’s reign that a team managed to dominate possession against Barcelona. Without Xavi Hernandez, the midfield looked quite empty and the outstanding work rate of Pedro Rodriguez was also severely missed.
As soon as came on during the second half, it was seen that Barcelona tried to pressure the opposition. However, Madrid were still the side which was playing better football. However, there is no doubt that the tackles made by them were quite rough.
Madrid kept on tackling the Barcelona players and kept on breaking play. Among these tackles an incident involving Pepe was overlooked. Alves on the side line and the referee decided not to book the Portuguese centre back.
Later, Victor Valdes deliberately took down was unable to convince the referee to award him a penalty kick.
The same story was repeated when Pedro Rodriguez was about to shoot the ball on goal and Marcelo took him down in the penalty area. Replays showed that did not even win the ball and it was a definitely penalty. However, the referee waved play on and Barcelona were not awarded with a penalty kick.
Considering how Barcelona were unable to play their “tiki-taka” tactics against Mourinho’s men, Josep Guardiola will definitely have to play his strongest players at the Nou Cmap in order to win the two legged final.
The Spanish Champions are currently at an advantage but they will definitely find it hard to play against this Madrid side which managed to trouble them throughout the ninety minutes.
For the next fixture, Josep Guardiola will have a lot of players back in the team and an added man – Cesc Fabregas, who signed for on Monday.
The Spanish Champions can approach the game in a different way. As Nou Camp’s pitch is relatively large, it will allow Barcelona to have a lot of time on the ball as Los Blancos will find it hard to put pressure on the Spanish Champions throughout the fixture.
Josep Guardiola will not have all the players available but most of the players are going to be ready to face Real Madrid in what is going to be the second El Clasico of the 2011/2012 season.
Barcelona really need to capitalize on the home ground advantage and a goalless draw is the most favourable result for them. However, Josep Guardiola does not really believe in playing a defensive strategy. He will approach the game with an attacking mind and that might cost Barcelona the first trophy of this season.
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