How to protest in an abortion clinic legally?

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i want to protest with my friends in an abortion clinic. how can i protest legally?

do i have to tell the city and if yes where do i go?

do i have to protest next to the clinic, or across the street.




  1. Save yourself the trouble.

    Your not going to gain anything but some attention(if thats what your looking for)

    Leave people alone

  2. Didn't you just ask this?

  3. man everyone is hating on you here aren't they!? Well I for one don't think its that bad. you don't HAVE to be a woman to know that killing an unborn baby is wrong.and there are too many people out there unable to have babies, that would love to give it a loving home. I wish it were illegal.

  4. Protesting doesn't change people's minds, it only makes you look like an *** to most people around you.

  5. What exactly do you hope to gain, except for the sadistic pleasure of making a miserable woman more miserable?

    Grow a womb, get knocked up, get screamed at for not wanting to bring yet another sad life into this world, then you can have an opinion

    Haha just seen your other q's and you are a CREATIONIST haha sorry laughing so hard.....

  6. What exactly are you hoping to protest? A womans right to choose what happens inside her own body? Because since you are neither the woman or the surgon I doubt you'll accomplish anything. It may be your right, but not really your place to tell anyone what medical procedures they can or cannot, should or should not go through with.

    Are you protesting the harm of an unborn child? If so then maybe you should stop off at the hospital and see some of the children in there who have been abused? Maybe the local childrens service center and you could *try* to console a child born into a world where they are not loved or wanted?? Maybe try telling them that if they're *lucky* they will be taken away from their abusive parents (who btw maybe shouldn't have had children afterall) and put into a strangers home, where they are not gaurenteed to be treated any better. Or if the strangers happen to be very nice people (as many can be) they will still be in no better spot emotionally because they will allways have the feeling that they wern't loved, and no one *really* wants them. Maybe ask that child if they want to go to your protest with you so you can help an innocent fetus who is so obviously the *real* victom here.

    Maybe you honestly want to help an innocent child, however, like I said, you protesting will probably not accomplish this. You should adopt one of those older children who are sitting in a foster home waiting for someone to love them. Don't have the means to raise a child (especially one thats not 'yours')? I don't blame you, its alot of time, work, money, stress...I could go on and on. There is nothing wrong with that...but if you're not going to look after the children that you 'save' from abortion then who is to be expected to? The mother, who obviously decided that for whatever reason she can't either? The father, who quite possibly doesn't know about the child, doesn't want the child, or cannot raise the child either? Is it truly fair to make a child suffer through life because its mother...for ANY reason, got pregnant unintentionally. If it was the mother or father being punished, I would say 'tough sh*t to you, deal with your choice'...but I cannot honestly make a child pay that price.

    Lets worry about all the chlidren who are already *born* and suffering before we worry about the ones who are still incapable of life on their own. I would recomend for your protest you make a sign and go sit in your bathroom and chant and leave the women, doctors and nurses alone. Just because they're doing something you dissagree with doesn't mean you have to make their day misserable.

  7. As a man, you have no right to protest against what a woman does (unless you are the father).

  8. you should realize that everyone there is not there to end a life, because they wanted to have s*x.  people get raped more often than you think, and you will probably get arrested.  If I was a cop I would find every reason in the world to arrest you.


    for one your all sayin to him leave people alone they can do what they want. for you all not to go along with him on abortions is just quite sick!..end of the day people no wats gunna *** out of s*x so if they dont wanna baby they shudnt be havin s*x, like i said they use abortions as contreception.. i dont care if ther too young, or there slags and dont no the boy at the end of the day their killin get life for murder so y isit ok to kill your own baby.. they go into have abortions "confused" as u say but they shud stop and have a long think! i dont care if u like wat i got to ay or not becos u all no im right.. doctors say its murder so i dont no y ur all botherd about this person wantin to protest..u shud be cheerin him on..but for the ones callin him an idiot..then i think ur the idiots..take responsabilty!!

  10. I agree with THINK!

    You have no idea what it's like to be in a situation like that, that's like me boycotting male masturbation when I know nothing about it!

    You don't get to tell anyone what to do -- no one does! You're just making it more difficult for people who are trying to deal in a difficult time in their lives -- stop being a jerk!

    You holding a protest isn't going to do S**t -- this isn't the movie Juno, no one will change their mind just cuz you said so. This issue is way bigger than that!

  11. You can't protest inside of a clinic. You can go outside on the sidewalk. I'm not sure if you have to go to the city first, probably not.

      Look, I know my opinion wasn't asked for but I feel obligated to share this with you. At the age of 17 I had an abortion. My family disowned me, and I went through A LOT to be able to get the abortion. I was 6 weeks pregnant with severe morning sickness when my boyfriend and I had to stay out on the street all night before we went to the clinic. (we weren't old enough to get a hotel). After no sleep, being VERY sick, and VERY upset because of what I was about to do I found myself faced with protesters. Look, if a woman wants to know her options then she will ask. She will take the initiative and find out for herself. Why do you feel that you need to stand outside and make people even more uncomfortable and upset? It's not your choice, if you ever get pregnant then guess what...NO ONE WILL FORCE YOU TO HAVE THE BABY, GIVE IT UP, OR HAVE AN ABORTION. It would be completely YOUR decision. Let God do the judging, please leave these women alone.

  12. How many clinics only do abortions these days?

    My gynecologist does abortions. The clinic at the hospital does abortions. On the other hand, even planned parenthood has prenatal clinics these days. That doesn't mean that even 1% of the patients that are going there that day have ever or will ever get an abortion. You will be hard pressed to find a place that does only abortions to harass.

    To me, it seems like you and your friends will be standing out in the hot sun wasting your time. Just stay out of everyone's way and go protest away from the building.

  13. Have you thought about how much more scared you would make someone that is going through the process?

  14. It depends upon the location. can best advise you.

    But remember, it's a woman's "right" to kill a helpless baby.

    It's her right not to be inconvenienced.  Just hanging around for weeks doesn't give it squatter's rights.  The pain it will feel is insignificant, as Planned Parenthood has stated it's only a blob of tissue, and not a very tiny fully formed child.  Just because Planned Parenthood has been taped accepting donations from people who said they want to eliminate minorities (, that isn't a reason to mistrust them is it?

  15. i agree with most everyone that has answered thus far.

    however, if i have a right to protest the war, or protest against bush and cheney when they come to town, you have a right to protest whatever you want.

    you cannot protest IN the clinic. private property, you will be trespassing. check out the local laws. usually i see it done across the street. check up local laws. unless you need a permit, you don't need to tell them the who, what, when and where. just ask info in very generalized terms.

    be prepared to debate with people who come up to you and disagree with your POV. do not promote violence. don't set off bombs or try to stab the doctors and nurses that work there. it will not help your cause.

  16. why not just let people do what they want...have respect for peoples choices...don't you have anything better to do with yourself?

  17. Making those women feel even worse for the decision they made is not going to help.  Don't protest...pray instead.

  18. stay out of it. those people in there already feel the the heat of what you are trying to tell them. NOTHING you do or say is going to make a scared pregnant person or a w***e to keep a pregnancy or baby they dont want.  * In some cases it was rape, incenst, life threatening pregnancey, etc.  you don't know.  

    what you should petition is getting those iresponsible people to use birth to do that?  find out and use your energy that way.

    free or reduced BC pills and or injections.  educate and make these things available. this is the only way.

    I am pro choice, but to an extent.  there are way too many women out there getting abortions because they can't keep there legs closed.  that makes me sick.  but standing and protesting in front of a clinic is only going to make you look like a weirdo and it won't change a thing. those girls will go in and get it done anyways. believe me. their freedon means more already.

  19. To have a legal protect, depending on the state and county, you have to get a permit.  Also, depending on where the clinic is will determine where you can have it.  You can't be on anyones property.  People can usually do it on a sidewalk area closeby, but I would assume when you get a permit with the city you would get information on that.

  20. How about not doing it at all?  If you dont like it, dont do it.  The girls going to these clinics are already scared and confused enough, and its none of your business what their personal choices are.  Would you prefer just forcing 15 yr olds and people not ready to give birth?  Enough kids are in orphanages and at least stem cell research comes from it.  I bet the old people dying of cancer appreciate those studies. And of course its always a bunch of dudes doing the protesting.  When i went it was little old christian men throwing tomatoes at little girls who were already bawling.  SOOOO christianly. Maybe next time you do something alot of people dont agree with we'll get a group together to yell at you.

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