Disa abortion clinic?

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hey i jusd need a quick answer... i know of disa abortion clinic in johannesburg, does anny1 else know of anny other abortion clinic in johannesburg? :(




  1. some people just dont understand that some women/girls (such as myself) have been raped & physically& mentally cant care 4 a child after becoming pregnant in such a way. SO its not always THEIR ACTIONS that have caused their problem. think b4 u speak cuz u dont know it all!!!

  2. crime t**d t is so mean.

    don't listen to her.

    its YOUR decision.

    I don't know of any, but you can call your doctor and ask! (:


    here you go. this is your decision and i won't judge you on it. don't listen to everyone else, they shouldn't have answered your question if they didn't agree. it is totally wrong what they did. i wish you the best of luck hunny x x

  4. If this is something your thinking about doing PLEASE research it out! honestly google up abortion pictures and see what you think after that. and how they do the procedure. its your choice, but will you wonder for the rest of your life if you would have had a son or daughter? what they would have looked like? how much joy they could have brought you? what about when you are older and can support a child, will you feel guilty that you didnt have the first one? im not judging you, i had to make the same choice, and once i researched things and seen pictures and how they do it, and once i KNEW i would regret it i made the choice to have my baby, and we were barley making it with 2 kids, but i knew we could manage one more, it would just mean more sacrifices. and its the BEST choice i have ever made, shes brought me so much joy and smiles that i cant even wonder why i had the thoughts i did in the first place, she is my love and my heart, and i wouldnt give her up for anything else in this whole world. good luck, just make an educated choice and please research and do alot of deep soul thinking.

  5. Your going to h**l for killing babys, you monster. I'm not going to help you murder babys.

  6. Loving Sisters Health Centre

    Marie Stopes Clinic

    Reproductive Choices

    Vaal Choice Clinic

    There are quite a few, you can look them up on the net and you should be able to find them in the yellow pages.

    Good luck with your choice I do not judge you for what  you want to do but hope you think very carefully about it.

    I saw the message, I hope I helped and wish you all the luck no matter what you choose to do.

  7. Give up your baby for adoption

    once you kill your baby you will have to live with the results

  8. don't get an abortion you need to take care of you action. get your legs close if you where not ready to have a baby then don't be having s*x. why will you want to take an innocent life away? I think the baby has the right to live. if you don't want the baby then give it up for an adoption. look at the website

  9. yeah same here
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