How many languages do you speak including your mother tongue?

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I speak two languages: English and Brazilian Portuguese fluently.




  1. English- fluent

    Spanish- almost fluent

    Latin- learning

    Brazillian Portuguese- plan to learn

    Japanese- plan to learn

    Russian- plan to learn

    Arabic- plan to learn

  2. English, Spanish, Sign Language (my niece & nephew taught me) & a lil of French (my dad taught me)

  3. I only speak Portuguese, Spanish, and a half, but I know very few words in English. Kisses :*


    Eu só falo português, e uma metade de espanhol, só que sei raras palavras em inglês. Beijos :*

  4. WELSH-fluent


    lil french lil spanish and a lil italian

  5. inglês dos Estados Unidos e espanhol do México....

  6. english is my 1st language

    welsh is my second because i live in wales

    i know abit of french from my skwl years

    and i holiday alot in spain so i know basic spanish

  7. Persian (my mother tongue), English, Arabic, Italian (very little), and I know a few words of French, German, Spanish, and Turkish.

    By the way, I know "kia ora" (greetings) from Maori, and "ap ka kia hal he?" (how are you?) from Urdu!

  8. English fluently, Brazilian Portuguese fluently, Italian fluently, some Spanish and I am learning Russian now. But I think it'll take me for ever... I might never learn it.

  9. im 14 and my native language is brazilian portuguese, but i go to an american school so i also speak english fluently however i live in spain so i speak spanish fluently too

    and i speak french as well but not perfectly fluently

    at least i was the only one without trouble saying french words that have a sound similar to "ã"  :P

  10. I speak English (mother tongue), French and German. I speak them all quite regularly, but very rarely does anyone listen...

  11. I can speak four languages .

    1. Japanses  That's bscause I'm native Japanese .

    2. Enlish   I'm studing English now to get roll in the university in the U.S .  I do need brushing up my English skills .

    3. Thai   When I was studing at ESOL program at university of Hawaii at manoa , some Thai people teaching at university in Thai gave me a few words .

    4 Burazil As well as Thai people , my Burazilian friend gave me some word .

  12. 2



  13. i can speak english, japanese, french latin,spanish and latin { I know its dead but it helps with the spanish etc}

  14. My natuve is Inuktitun and Inuktitut Tikuqqarauhit/Uukturausiq (Inuit Sign Language) families group Eskimos-Aleut languages

    i knowledge Aleut and Yupik, any inuit dialects.

    and my second language ASL (American Sign Language) and English

  15. my mother tongue is (arabic) and i speak little english and french but i love to learn languages.

  16. I speak two languages: Portuguese fluently and Caipira Brasilian.

    Good morning for you!

  17. I speak portugues and I'm learning english.

  18. I speak Arabic and English

  19. I Speak English Fluently, As That Is My Main Language. But I Can Speak A Little Bit Of French Aswell (:


  20. 4...





    and if talkin about a bit then



  21. I can speak English, Spanish fluently then French.  

  22. I'm multi-lingual (Korean, Vietnamese, and Russian)

    I'm almost fluent in French and German.  I just have trouble with listening. lol

    I don't really speak English well so I won't say that I'm fluent in it


  23. English



  24. 1.english


    3.a bit of urdu

    4.a bit ot turkish

  25. english,tamil,malay,indonesian.

    i also can speak lil bit of hindi, spanish and arab.

  26. 4, english, arabic, irish and french

  27. i speak italian as mother tongue(if someone wanna improve his language contact me,go at my profile),english and a bit french,but i almost forget it=[

  28. english as the mother tongue --- japanese ( not fluent ) , some gaelic ( scots ) again not fluent and last but not least --- maori ( you guessed it -- not fluent ) .

    good luck .

  29. I speak English which is my mother tongue and French and Spanish but I am learning Italian and German lol

  30. I speak 5 languages Fluent

    Those are

    My mothertongue Welsh, 2nd lang  English, Afrikaans, German and Cornish

    I can also speak Irish, French, Dutch, Spanish, Zulu, Polish, Russian Czeck too some degree.  

  31. I speak Vietnamese (1st language) and English (2nd language) fluently

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